BREAKING NEWS: Nigerian Gays To Protest In Abuja

Nigerian gays and lesbians, under the aegis of ‘The Right Defense’, are daring President Goodluck Jonathan, and would soon stage a demonstration in Abuja, the Nigerian capital, they said in a statement on Saturday.


The protest is against the anti-gay law signed by the president on January, 7.

They added to the statement the masked pictures of themselves noting they were protesting against an“undemocratic and unlawful discrimination” of gays and lesbians and trans-genders in the country.

The demonstration in Abuja, they said, has become necessary to condemn what they call “an increase in threats against fundamental human rights of certain persons including LGBT in the country.”

According to the group, they also want to challenge the existence of the Nigeria human rights body, the National Human Right Commission “for its lack of integrity and principle in the fight against discrimination and violation of individual rights.” 

The group said many Nigerians have in the past fled the country due to threats to life and harassment in their communities. Those who have fled include Alimi Bisi, Philip Temidayo Adabayo, Desmond Patric, Nkechi Ugo, Lara Abiodun Akinniyi, Simeon Demola Adesanmi, Penu K. Z.

“The planning for the unviolent rally is to avert the continuous attacking of the unarmed citizens and the unlawful and arbitrary arrest of wanted individuals,” the group said.


  • You would have left their faces opened since their gay practice is normal.Anyway,it is an opportunity for them to be sentenced to the 14years imprisonment as the Law has stipulated.

  • Please, let them try it, that’s when they will know that its more than discrimination. We Nigerians will not take such nonsense as right. If they don’t have work to do, we will give them one in jail. If they are sure of their right, let them come out, it will be the last time they will see outside. Shameless people

  • You should have shown your faces. Why should we promote ungodliness? There is no violation of human rights in the law. Instead the LGBT is violation of cultural and religious beliefs…

  • Veri funny…..cnt blive aw it filx wit dis ppole cos i cnt jus imagin ma sef likin a fellow lady lik i.
    1st…..i cnt even imagin aw we gonna av sex….. 2nd wu iz gonna b pregnant 4 wu….dis iz dem cerioux

  • God love everyone despite there sexuality….they should be freedom in Nigeria.
    What if u straight guys were banned for having sex?

    • Mr. Nutty it is not sexuality matter. After all sexualily means matured mind and person. I n this case, they are not. Did the straight came out looking for any right or law to live their life? they know it is the right thing, therefore you do not need a law for it. It is only the people with force impressions that will look for a law to covered up their selfish intentions.

  • I will be happy if our trained police & millitary dogs will be release to bite devil out of there head that day of there protest. Cows.

  • Crusaders of gayism,lesbianism and trans-genderism in Nigeria are simply demonic. They ‘ve sold their soul to satan. Meanwhile, those who attack Nigeria Human Commission have forgotten that members are Nigerians with unpolluted conscience. I advise President GEJ and all the security agents to get any Nigerian who has the effontry to confess membership of Gay society arrested.


  • God will surly disgrace them. With un curable disease.I will be there to put there faces in the internet,and in all state in Nigeria

  • I av only three things to say to these fools called ‘gays’ and their supporters. You see that demon in you pple is a bastard if u dont embark on the public protest,just try it,your 14yrs jail term is earnestly waiting for you,foolish people.
    I will like to salute the courage of mr president who has deem it fit to take such a crutial,timely,accurate,precise n correct decision at a time like this. Again,the ‘west’,the likes of USA,UK and others should know and get this straight,if they are confused,we are not confused,infact if all d European countries wants to legalise marriages between a men and dogs in their countries,they should go ahead but they should stop imposing that their stupid and reprobated mindedness on Nigeria and Nigerians. We are only advising you not to go to hell bt if hell is your choice in your own country,then so be it,you will meet your stupid father there,he’ll be waiting impatiently for you in your multitudes. I will also like to use this medium to give a candid advice to your presidents to please mind the business for which they were elected in their various countries and stay out of the Nigeria sovereign thing else we’ll not give a damn to disregard any international laws /relation and begin to lunch verbal attack on your person,your office and even your countries,am sure you all are not ignorant of the weight of reputation that is attached to those offices. Lastly,to you fools calling yourself gay and claiming dat its your right because some devil’s incarnate told you about your ‘freedom’ which will altimately become 14yrs jail term plus eternal bondage for you in hell,let me tell you there is a clear cut difference between ‘freedom’ and ‘lack of control’,repent before it is too late. Watch out for a public letter which i wil personally write to mr president carrying the signature of one million Nigeria youths declaring war on you(gay).

  • I tink d gay group should luk 4 sometin 2 do.If i may ask,soposing our parents were homosexual would they’ve given birth 2 them? Pls leave our president alone

  • d should all be arested and jail cos dat an aborbination b4 God n man i even wish on d day of their protest our millitry men should be allowed 2 shoot dem 2 death.if d want 2 legalize gay d should go n form their own contry not NIGERIA……

  • Their masters (U.S, U.K & CANADA don pay them some God forsaken $ make them come dey talk shit na. No be their fault na, na we cause ham. Imagine this same western animals will import vaccine injected with AIDS virus to Nigeria & other parts of Africa all in the name of AIDES. I repeat, no be una fault ‘WESTERNERS’.

  • Some of u say gay is demonic or is a sin somw u yur sin are more than the once of the gays una dey do like say Na una clean pass and @ last una wif the gay go see 4 the same hell think b4 u talk rubbish that’s y I don’t talk in this issue cos I know am not righteous in ma on way. See a black pot is callin another pot back .#think #

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