Britain Increases Aid To Nigeria Amid Anti-gay Law Controversy


Britain has allayed fears in some quarters it would stop giving aids to the country, saying rather it will increase its aid to the country this year from 200 million pounds to 270 million pounds.

Spokesman for the Department of International Development (DFID) was Thursday quoted to have told Daily Mail that the agency would not cut aid to Nigeria as none was channelled through the government.

According to the spokesman, all British aid money is spent via agencies, such as UNICEF and private contractors providing education, clean water and anti-malaria projects, among others.

The Same-sex Marriage Prohibition Act signed by President Goodluck Jonathan on January 7, prescribes up to 14 years in jail for persons, who engage in gay marriage and up to 10 years for membership or encouragement of gay clubs and groups.

The law also prescribes 10 years sentence for gay couples, who display affection in public and penalties for those who try to help homosexuals avoid detection.

In the mean time, founder of the Virgin Group, Richard Branson, has said he would meet with the federal government to ‘encourage compassion’.

Branson said this in response to the backlash after he said he would not do business in Uganda due to their ‘dreadful’ anti-gay laws.

Branson, the fourth richest person in the United Kingdom, has written a blogpost about the response.

“Next week I am going to meet government leaders from countries including Nigeria to discuss issues such as gay rights and try to encourage progress.

“We want to work with governments around the world – in countries we do and don’t operate in – to change attitudes for the better.

“Everyone should speak out to ensure people are free to love whoever they want.

“Those politicians passing draconian laws against gay people may discover their own children were born gay. Would they really want to see them locked up for life? We need love and understanding not punishment,” he wrote.


  1. Laws should be establised for business men coming into the country on advicing the leaders into gay practice. For ur information Mr. Branson Rich, theres no Riligion in this country that permits that, we aint illuminaties

  2. how on earth will a human being in his/her right senses say one is born a gay? Does it make any meaning? please people should save us this rubbish. This is one of the greatest aberration threatening our existence.


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