CAR Violence: NEMA Begins Evacuation Of Over 2,000 Stranded Nigerians Today

NEMAThe evacuation of Nigerians trapped in the Central African Republic will begin today, the National Emergency Management Agency, NEMA, has said.

It said that all arrangements for the airlift of Nigerians from the troubled country have been concluded.

Sectarian violence broke out in the CAR with Muslims and Christians engaging in a free-for-all killing spree shutting down the country and making traveling almost impossible following the collapse of a functioning government.

The development had about 3,000 Nigerians residing in that country to take refuge at the embassy in the capital Bangui where they are said to be living under extreme conditions due to shortages of water, food, medicines and even conveniences.

Nigerians, who had earlier accused their home government of neglecting them while nationals of other countries were being evacuated, can now heave a sigh of relief as an official of NEMA, Malam Sani Datti said staff of the agency and others from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have been in Bangui documenting Nigerians trapped in CAR since the beginning of the crisis with a view to bringing them back home.