CBN Governor Sanusi Accuses Pastor Adeboye Of Aiding Corrupt Rogue Banker Akingbola To Evade Justice

The governor of Nigeria’s Central Bank, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, has accused the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye, of playing a role in shielding Erasmus Akingbola, the corrupt former Chief Executive Officer of InterContinental Bank PLC, from serious prosecution.

Nigerian authorities asserted that the rogue former banking executive siphoned over N200 billion from the commercial bank he ran. Officials of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission also accused Mr. Akingbola of using his loot to buy swanky properties in Europe and other parts of the world. The former InterContinental Bank chief also reportedly manipulated his bank’s stocks in insider trading deals.

Mr. Akingbola fled to the UK as soon as Nigerian authorities indicated their desire to try him. He was later forced to return to Nigeria, but his prosecution soon fizzled in what EFCC sources privately confided to be a deal hatched at the highest levels to let him walk free.

Mr. Sanusi hinted at Pastor’s Adeboye’s involvement in the deal in a widely circulated TEDX talk he gave in Abuja, the Nigerian capital. In the video, the CBN governor relates his encounters with vested interests in the banking sector.

Although Mr. Sanusi did not expressly mention Pastor Adeboye by name, SaharaReporters was able to confirm from two sources that the Redeemed Church leader was involved in the deals that led to the obstruction of Mr. Akingbola’s trial.

pastor-adeboye-31-300x200Justice Habeeb Abiru, who was handling Mr. Akingbola’s trial, was suddenly promoted to the Court of Appeals after Pastor Adeboye intervened on behalf of the rogue banker with President Goodluck Jonathan, one of the sources told SaharaReporters. Mr. Akingbola’s case has since stalled in a maze of judicial manipulations and is currently being tried by a third judge in Lagos.

In the video, the Central Bank Governor also makes a crucial retreat from the position he took during the fuel price hike protests of January 2012. Mr. Sanusi had publicly and forcefully defended the case for increasing the price of fuel and other gasoline products. But in the TED talk, he admits that Nigerians who revolted in the “Occupy Nigeria” protests after the Goodluck Jonathan administration unveiled higher fuel prices were right. Mr. Sanusi disclosed that most of the fuel subsidy funds had been stolen by highly connected individuals who continue to evade justice.


  • you cant a man a rogue until it is proved in the court of law. Have you not read that jesus said anyone who has not committed sin should first cast stone at that adulterous woman. Let us be careful.

  • this sanusi has problem am not surprise he may be among top big Muslims sponsor boko aram the way he bite the finger that feed him was amaze

  • Hmmmmm what do u expect?see their daddy daddy o,daddy in crime,where do you think the money from jet is coming from?all he will qoute to Mr President is God doesn’t want a sinner to die but repented and a rogue will be free through interevention of a corrupt devil minded G.O.The G O needs to be born again as far as I’m concerned he is a sinner for blocking justice,he only has connection in this world he has no connection in heaven,he is an accomplice for doing that and God will judge him for that in heaven,Nigerians pastors!mtchew!they are so corrupt than day live robbers,they collect billions on false pretence from dumb head christians,they rape,fake miracles all the place like Oyedepo in uk,spiritual activities like the late Ajanaku,killing and maiming like Reverend kings,can’t christains read the handwritting on the walls,Nigerians should pls wake up and stop worshipping all these dubious mortals leaving the mighty Immortal.

  • Sanusi is frustrated. His Islamic banking “project” failed. He expected 2nd tenure but failed. Anybody with any plan to conquer Christianity will surely fail with his plan.

  • Good work, mr Sanusi! God save us from all these religion leader’s, apart from turning d church to profit making, then also find the way embezzle funds.

    • This guy…are u learned at all??Read the content again…Don’t base ur life on speculation!!The Reporter is just seeking attention with no base….Daddy G.o is a man dt cannot support evil…He preaches Holiness within and without& Hes a trusted man of God with high integrity all over the world!!…so be careful!!!Don’t bring religious sentiment to this issue,If Sanusi has nothing again to offer,he should resign peacefully.

      • If you so called Daddy GO is not involved, why did the reporter make mention of his name, why didn’t he make mention of Imam or yourself, Thief Daddy GO teaching his member how to steal country money to build Redemption (Adeboye) city!

  • Did Mallam Sanusi mentioned his frivolous trips to Malaysia, Sheraton and other porch places where he lavish public funds just to satisfy his selfish desire with his mistress?
    Did he mention other Northern Cabals that are involved in banking “scheme”?
    After grounding the economy, it is evident that he is a square peg in a round hole.

    Finally, he is being disgraced out of office. I expect more of his ranting. Childish Governor.

  • There is no mad man in the administration whose case is worse than sanusi. His explanation shows an acute psychological disorder. How dare you claim you weren’t in support of removal of fuel subsidy! You initiated it, propagated it and clamored 4 it. I suspected that the whole idea was political. You did that because it would be a way of making Jonathan unpopular. He too fell for your smart gimmick. What gives you the guts 2 speak against a pastor? Would a christian do that and not face….

  • How comes SLS did not reveal all this his so called facts until he is on the verge of leaving this exalted office? Well now, your deeds will soon come to light and surely, you will be exposed.

  • Now I realised that Sahara news are not credible.If Sanusi did not mention Pst Adeboye why then did they niw refer to him.Is pastor Adeboye also in Juduiciary? Fools.Sahara news has lost thier credibility.

  • Is Pastor Adeboye an EFCC official, police chief or judge? Sanusi should be wary of his utterances. Nigeria is a secular state, where everybody will be ready to defend their religion, Palestine, Syria or Lebanon are just too far from West Africa, no to islamisation, Sanusi is a dissappointed scholar.

  • Akingbola messed up intercontinental bank with a lot of fraud. I bought share in d bank and right now it is worthless.he is a pastor in redeem church and tru him a lot of project and loan was executed. He ssould face the trial and let no man intervain for him becos cecelia ibru surrendered his stolen wealth.

  • Sanusi u r also invited to Redemption Camp come and Experience GOD in new dimensional way! And ur live shall never remain d same again! Remember dat even dat post u occupied is by d grace of GOD cos u r not qualified to b on dat sit

  • Also Remember dat Erastus Akingbola is a share holder in Intercontinental bank u came all a sudden and ruin banking sector, u quickly introduce cashless policy bcos d fund r no longer available, u better dnt dere GOD

  • This is disgusting, people should learn to address issues rather than allow sentiments to becloud our sense of reasoninig. Where on earth was the name of Pastor Adeboye’s name mentioned directly by Sanusi in the purported interview? We are wrong to assume that only those who can’t read and write are illiterates.

  • Weldon…Weldon Danmajin Kano Allah blessn now n always should goes to you! Obeyri mafide Danmajin Kano sanusi lamido sanusi. Zakayi sarkin kano da ikon Allah

  • adeboye’s name was not mentioned by the gov.therefore their is no big deal and no cause for alarm but let me ask a question, of all accused of corrupt practises in nigeria how many are in jail, if erastus is left off the hook,sure let it be because that’s our me a saint and i will tell you his past

  • Sanusi is frustrated that I understand but I will kindly advice him 2 kip his frustration 2 him self nd watch his statement nd respect G.O cuz He is a man of God nd not into what he is acusn him off pls sanusi watch it

  • Did people really read the news, going through people’s comments here, I weep for my country. Are these the people we cling our hope in the future on? Watch the video of him speaking at the TEDX programme. He didn’t mention Adeboye and saying Nigerians were right during the protests against subsidy removal doesn’t mean he said he didn’t support it then or even now(he signs this money and shudnt stand some ppl getting this funds illegally). Non interest banking is not islamic banking but the stereotype against anything that has something to do with Islamic rules was used in blackmailing us, businessmen were in support of it cos they know how much they lose as interest to banks. Even the bible said Do not lend at interest … Ezekiel 18:8. This is the 21st century. No one is really a kid anymore, let’s live and reason above sentiments, our lives will be better

  • Our country needs prayer,pls believers all over,don’t relent in ur prayers 2 God.we ve left d truth nd nw going arround talkin abt wht is nt necessary. religious discrimination as covered our face 2 see d truth. Bt in dis case nw,don’t judge,4 d bible says judge nt so dat u shuld nt b judge also. Beware nd repent of ur sins,4 d coming of d LORD is @ hand!

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