Church of England Issues ‘The Twitter Commandments’ to Followers


A Church of England diocese have issued a set of social media guidelines dubbed the ‘Twitter commandments’.

Bath and Wells diocese posted the nine must-do’s of social media to help followers remember God while tweeting.

From not rushing in to respecting confidentiality and staying within the law, they’ve seemingly covered almost everything.

The first ‘rule’ urges users to not “rush in” and to always give “due consideration” before posting online.

It reads: “Spend a while listening to others, getting a feel for the tone in that particular forum, giving thought to how you might participate.”

The next ‘commandment’ reminds us that online posts are “transient yet permanent.”

“Social media updates are immediate and will outdate quickly BUT they can have a more lasting impact and you should assume that anything you post is permanent,” they add.

Others include: “3. You’re an ambassador”,”7. Stay within the legal framework” and the last “9. Be mindful of your own security.”

The full list:

  • Don’t rush in
  • Remember tweets are transient yet permanent
  • Be a good ambassador for the Church
  • Don’t hide behind anonymity
  • Be aware of public/private life boundaries
  • Maintain a professional distance
  • Stay within the law
  • Respect confidentiality
  • Be mindful of your own security


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