Defected Governors Won’t Go Back To PDP -Governor Amaechi Insists

Governor Rotimi Amaechi of Rivers state on Thursday insisted that the defected governors of the Peoples Democratic Party would not return to the PDP.


Amaechi stated that their reason for defecting to APC was not basically because of the former PDP Chairman, Alhaji Bamanga Tukur, but as a result of President Goodluck Jonathan’s refusal to address issues of constitutionalism and accountability.

Amaechi however maintained that the only way such issues can be addressed was through Nigerians and not President Jonathan.

Amaechi who spoke on Thursday when Knights and Ladies of St. John International, Port Harcourt Grand Commandery paid him a solidarity visit in Government House said “The reason we broke away from PDP and joined the APC is not basically because of Bamanga Tukur. Bamanga Tukur is not the big issue.  There were issues we raised before the President and he has not addressed them.

“He (President Jonathan) said oh! I have removed Bamanga Tukur, so, you people can come; come to do what? There are other issues; there are issues of constitutionalism.

“There are issues of accountability, we raised them before Mr. President and those issues have not been addressed and we think that the only way to address them is through you Nigerians. The President is not our problem; we are our own problem.”

Governor Amaechi further promised that the APC would restore sanity to the country’s polity and even urged Nigerians to vote out the PDP in the next election.

Amaechi explained that the APC would not be a religious party, even as he condemned those attempting to fan the embers of religious crisis in the country ahead of the 2015 elections.

He maintained that leadership transcended religion and ethnicity, saying, “Don’t let anybody confuse you, they have been going from church to church, telling you it is Christians versus Muslims.  No! The money they are stealing does not have Christian or Muslim emblem.

“So, it is not Christ versus Mohammed.  They are using that to hoodwink you to continue to siphon our resources.  Their wives are building houses all over, hotels all over and we are watching.”

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  • Amaechi even d first day Gej assumed oficce deere are pple dat threatend him sayin dey ll make Nigeria ungovernabl for him, & dey made good dere threat. Some of dose ppl are within dat ur APC, & u knw dem very well. Y are u joinin forces wit evil people to fight ur brother? Hav u been bewitched? Am not sayin u must support jus cos he is frm d south no, but dere ‘s a way u shuld adreSs ur broda wen u feel he has erred. But d way u r goin about issues u seem very heartless, cos I knw u r doin dis to get fame. Could u hav tried dis durin Abacha’s era witout peein in ur pants? Y takin advantage of his calmness? Don’t forget d fourth commandment, & d ‘parents’ dere doesn’t only mean ppl wey born u, it includes dose placed over u in authority. Y not giv him a little respect, so dat dose under u will respect u too.

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