Desmond Elliot Say’s He’s Tired Of Nigeria, Relocates His Family Abroad

desmond (1)

Popular Nollywood actor and producer — Desmond Elliot has decided to relocated his family abroad.

The actor’s wife and four kids have permanently relocated to the United States so the kids could have a better education.

Even though they left few months before now, people thought they went for vacation, but a source in the know has confirmed, they won’t be returning any time soon.

However another source has this to say about their relocation; ‘As per the call of nature between husband and wife, Desmond, has resolved not to go about sowing wild oaths all over town. “You know Desmond got married as a virgin, he will be holding on until he goes to see his wife or the woman comes to visit.

He is not randy at all’, the source said


  1. I wish you well mr Elliot,I Think it is best for the interest of those ur kids okeh,Niger is not conducive nd not what living,mostly Electricity problems. Thanks Man

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  3. Hello Desmond,

    Good taught??????.

    You are tired of the country that made you what you are today – From grass to grace.
    If your parents were tired like you are today, you wouldn’t have existed. What kind of examples are you showing to your kids.

    I hope you know the consequences of training little kids in such country like USA. Better come to me for counseling advise. I pray you don’t loose your family to USA.


  4. I Don’t blame this guy…country that made him somebody.look at him if not because of money you wouldn’t have thinking of this.

  5. If dem like make all of dem run go America, Honkong, Moon, Star and Jupiter the rest of us like Andrew, go tanda for Naija and save am by the pawa of God.


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