“Do I Forgive My Fiancé’s One-Time Fling?”

Being in a relationship means you have to stop the urge to give in to temptation that surrounds you. Being in a relationhip also means that you often have to sacrifice something to your other half’s benefit. Being in a relationship means being supportive and forgiving towards each other. But what happenes when your love and ability to forgive are tested? 

I’m a 32-year-old woman in a long-term relationship with a man I really love. We’ve been together for three years, and I can’t see myself with anyone else. He would often assure me he feels the same. About six months ago, he proposed, and our wedding is set for next year.

The thing is, last week he went out with his friends, and they ended up talking to a group of women. One of them made a pass at him. It turns out she was a model. He ended up sleeping with her.

He confessed the whole thing and told me he was really sorry, saying  it was a fantasy opportunity, and that ANY guy would have done it.

I know that probably that model isn’t the only temptation he has ever faced… and it won’t be the last. And he should have responded differently to her advances. I am afraid that, while he might love me on one level, I are merely an option until something better comes along. What’s more, if he is so easily swayed by his own personal wants, where will that put me in our coming marriage?

How would you act if you were in his shoes? Would you tell your significant other? And do I forgive him? Pls I need an advice…


  1. it’s beta u let byegone to be byegone. u cant see a man who is 100% perfect…..wat if it was ur frnd he slept with? Develop a thick skin and forget it. tank God he opened up, wat if he doesnt?


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