Dolphins See The World in the same way as Humans and Chimpanzees, New Research


Dolphins see the world like humans, according to new research.

Researchers at the University of Kyoto in Japan found similarities between humans, chimpanzees and dolphins.

Despite living in remarkably different environments it was concluded that all three species perceive the world in a similar manner.

The results state that the visual world is broadly seen the same way but each of the different mammals have adapted with differing dependence being placed on vision.

Despite dolphins have poorer vision it was concluded that both they and primates perceive the world “in fundamentally similar ways.”

Nine different geometric shapes were shown to the dolphins with them trained to touch their nose to one of them when shown a shape above the water.

The shape was then removed and shown again alongside a different one.

If the dolphin located the correct shape of the two it received a reward, but no reward if it chose the wrong one.

Comparable results were then found when humans and chimpanzees were given similar tests.



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