Ezekwesili Tasks FG On Fighting Corruption

Former Vice-President of the World Bank (Africa Region), Mrs. Obi Ezekwesili, has called on the federal government to be more resolute in fighting corruption.

Speaking, yesterday, at the Transformed to Transform (The T2T Nigeria) Conference and Career Fair, a leadership and empowerment initiative for National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members which held at the Yar’Adua Centre, Abuja, Ezekwesili, in her keynote address titled, “Beyond the Corruption Narrative”, noted that the nation was enmeshed in corruption because of lack of sanctions for the perpetrators.

According to her, the situation had been worsened by the fact that the cost of corruption was far lower than the benefits accrued from corruption practices in the country.

She noted that deterrence through sanction would have curtailed the incidence of corruption in Nigeria but like most other resource rich nations, the elites continue to sustain the system to their own advantage.

“If people know that presumably the cost of corruption is higher than the benefits, it will be low. But the opposite is the case in Nigeria where the benefit of corruption is high while the cost is low.

“The deterrence for tackling corruption in Nigeria is weak and has collapsed,” she said.

The erstwhile Minister of Education further challenged the presidency to take the issue of corruption in the country with absolute seriousness, starting with the funds that had not been remitted by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC).

She advised the federal government not to play down the significance of the yet to be accounted $10.8 billion by NNPC, but see it as a window of opportunity to address the challenge of poor resource management in the country.

“Except the people in the highest political authority agree that corruption is indeed devastating to the growth prospect of the land, then I don’t see development taking place. 

“I think the issue is that corruption remains the most significant obstacle to shared economic growth in the country and we will not make progress until we accept that indeed this is our greatest impediment.

“We require the highest political authority to take absolute charge of the corruption challenges. For example, the raging issue of missing resources of the collective revenue of the nation through NNPC, that is a window that opens itself up for the highest political authority to focus on the challenges of poor governance of resources,” Ezekwesili said.


  1. This lady that is always pretending like she was a saint during her tenure, i wonder what was her achievements during her time in government, besides I have never had her directly criticize her former boss baba iyabo OBj yet every time she is busy yelling at GEj


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