Five Children Feared Dead, Rep Missing In Police Instigated Mayhem In Rivers

unilag_asuu_police_08At least five children are feared dead after inhaling fumes from teargas canisters shot by men of the Rivers State Police Command at a rally organised by the Save Rivers Movement (SRM) in Port Harcourt on Sunday.

Rivers State chairman of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Dr. Davies Ikanya, who disclosed this at a news briefing in Port Harcourt, the state capital, described Sunday’s incidence as unwarranted.

According to the Rivers APC chairman, the children were returning from church when the teargas was being fired by the police to disperse the crowd that was building up for the rally and may have died from suffocation, adding that the party was making efforts to locate the families of the deceased children.

He also said Senator Magnus Abe, who represents River South-East senatorial district in the upper chamber of the National Assembly, was shot with a rubber bullet when policemen shot to disperse the crowd, saying the shooting of the senator was a premeditated act.

Ikanya said; “We the APC in Rivers State condemn the attempt by the police to murder Senator Abe today at a rally by the Save Rivers Movement. As we speak, the senator is in a critical condition in the hospital.

“This incident took place hours before the rally began. The senator and the Chief of staff, Rivers state Government House were going to see that all was set when the police came in and shot him on the chest and leg.

“Chief Tony Okocha, Amaechi’s Chief of Staff was also shot with teargas. The Save Rivers Movement, as a law abiding and registered organisation, had applied for police protection and we are amazed that instead of protection, what they got is brutality.

“We call on President Goodluck Jonathan, the National Assembly to save democracy in Nigeria and save Rivers people.

“We also call on the police to ensure that it redeems its image and abides by its constitutional responsibility, rather than harassing innocent people and destroying canopies and equipment meant for the rally.

“As we speak, five children were killed after inhaling the teargass shot by the police. Also, a member of the APC and former member of the House of Representatives, Ike Chinwo is missing. We understand he was arrested by the police”, Ikanya alleged.


  1. I just can’t stop laughing when I hear those from APC saying all sorts of rubbish about PDP when they are all the same. How can a reasonable organisation organise a rally without informing the police and also getting an approval from them, which I know too well is the case of what happened in PH. is high time APC stop blackmailing PDP and the presidency with all sorts of lies and face the major reasons for which they are elected.

  2. True talk my brother,,,,as if they are saint(APC) I just pray dat Nigerians eyes should be open to see dat dis so-cald political party is out 4 destruction….PDP is bad but APC na calibas of Lions and Snakes in human form…may GOD help Nigerians

  3. What da Hell is wrong with the both of u.? Didn’t ur TV display d Letter written to d Police informing them of the Rally.? It bothers me when outsiders like the both of u talk so intense abt issues clearly illustrating the callousness of d Police authority and Presidency nt forgetting d PDP in a chameleonic manner.

    Incase u don’t know, d action of d police is gradually pushing people of d cliff bcus its no longer about PDP or APC anymore especially with d attempted murder of Sen. Abe. Its gradually moving towards a tribal war. And d ph residents knw what it looks like when they start. D police is actually looking for a fight and d presidency shouldn’t think dat the ogonis or ikwerres will go down just like ODI cus dat would be a Big mistake to think dat way. Pls be advised

  4. Let those that believe that they can silence the voices of the opposition with threats of violence and death be rest assured of one thing dat we cannot be intimidated and neither be silenced

  5. People have just died, mother fucker! And all u’ve gat is; “God should open our eyes” u both are worse than a combination of the PDP and APC

  6. The police men that did this act are suppose to be jailed first because the manifestante were’nt holding any weapon secondly the Nigeria Government his going to compersate the decease family. this is my opinion thanks yours faithful, Runor.


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