Ghanian/Nigerian Actress Yvonne Okoro Is Fond Of Leaving Her Chest Exposed [PHOTOS]

Yvonne Okoro shows us why she is such an eye candy.. The big argument is if this lady is helping the media world or not, or just killing the morals of many with this never ending exposure. What is your take on this?



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  • It is not better than cossy or maheeda or afrocandy…..If we were allowed to judge people then i would have judge them all but all i can say is that ! when A man finds the woman of his dream in any lady that enjoy exposing her boobs and thighs then u won’t blame the man when he cheats or leaves her for another woman that doesn’t wear cloths at all! for everything we do(good or bad) we will pay for it! but i have to marry intime before this diseases of ladies exposing the boobs catches my brides to be because i won’t pay bride price if every man knows how big my wife boobs are or the shape or where the nipps is located! May God saves us all and allow us to go to the village to find wives that are not ready to sell their body for fame and MEDIA!!! later

  • Leave her to herself its a blessing from God in her life.since its not called inplant silicon breast thank God for that.whether she choose to kill by the she dresses that is between her and would husband to be.know this for sure when married pikin come d thing go fade.

  • What do you expect from a slut,than this.They are saggy,no matter any pushups.I am not impressed,have seen better and they have not beenadvertised.Only a loser will be attracted to such whore.Maybe her age is catching up to her with no hope,thus resorting to such idiocy.DESPERATION

  • That is what a slut does.Very distasteful at best.Maybe she has reached the point of desperation,to gain attention,probably age is making her irrelevant.They are saggy at best,i n have seen better.Only a loser will be attracted to her

  • I used to wonder why all these ladies in the entertainment industries flaunt their bodies at will until I later realised that they looking for millionaire husbands to marry.

  • Hers is far more better than that of Maheeda,Afrocandy,& Cossy. To me,i see no exposure other than the handiwork of push up bra. But this 3 beings i mentioned above are fond of exposing everything xpecially, Afrocandy & Maheeda.

  • U all av a very low mentality, mr comonsense, it seems u av been livin under d rock since u were born, if she exposed ha boobs, how is it ur busines? Who gave u d right 2 judge ha?. Or is ur sista or u wife beta dan ha? Oga cole mind u village girls are worse.pls learn not 2 judge pple abeg.

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