Girl Gets Stuck In Washing Machine While Playing Hide And Seek


An 11-year-old Utah girl is feeling washed out and hung to dry after being stuck in a washing machine for 90 minutes.

The girl was playing hide and seek with her cousins in her home in South Jordan when she decided the washer was a great hiding spot.

“She really wanted to win,” Nicole Rhoades, the girl’s mother, said according to

After a while, she decided she wanted out of the washer. Problem was, it was beneath a stackable dryer, and there was only enough space to open and close the washer’s lid, the Salt Lake Tribune reported.

Guess what: She got stuck.

Her friends and family tried to remedy her sticky situation by using peanut butter, ice and warm water. All those failed, so her family called 911, according to the Metro.

Firefighters arrived on the scene with an assortment of tools to pry out the girl, but solved the predicament by removing the dryer above the machine.

“Afterwards we laughed about it. We all laughed about it,” Rhoades said, according to NBC Bay Area. “But at the time it was scary.”

Firefighers who rescued the girl say she was curled up so tight her legs were temporarily paralyzed. Luckily, she regained leg function shortly thereafter, reported.

The girl is still suffering from one thing — embarrassment — which is why she doesn’t want her identity revealed, according to NBC Bay Area.