He Abandoned His Fiancée While She Was Pregnant, Now He Wants The Babies And Not Their Mother!

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This is a heartbreaking and painful story of a lady who went out with a guy for years thinking she even had a future with him only for her to realize he never had the same feelings for her and even abandon her when she got pregnant.


Adaobi has shared this really painful story of her Aunty’s experience.

Here’s Adaobi’s story

This is a war raging in my extended family now.

An aunty of mine dated a guy for seven years (2005 -2011). During this period, everybody thought they will later get married, but along the line, my aunty got pregnant, and had a set of twins in 2011. Some months after she put to bed, the fiance left the country for Belgium. For the 3years he was away, my aunty singlehandedly trained the twins, and is still training them alone. Her parents kind of rejected her because of what she did – having children outside wedlock.

The problem now is, the father of the twins is back, and wants custody of the children. He claimed he can’t marry my aunty because she is Ibo, that he is the first son, so the parents said he has to marry an Iteskiri woman. My aunty refused to let go off the kids. Her father said he can’t have the kids unless he marries the daughter.

Many suitors had come her way, but when they find out she has sons, they don’t come back again. She is not getting any younger, she is 29, gainfully employed.

People are asking her to release the boys to their father so that she can marry, she refused. The matter is at welfare now. My aunty has been hiding the boys for the past one month, the boys are in our house because the man and his family want the boys at all cost.

What do you all think? She should release the boys to their father? My aunty’s stand is if the man rejected her, he should as well reject the children. Do you think she is doing the right thing?

Please readers what advice would you give to this lady?

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  1. To me I think she is doing the right thing and I will advice her not to let go off her children because if the guy rejected her, definitely he has rejected the children also. Giving the children to the guy and his family poses threat to the children because they will be maltreated if not now, when the guy marries a new wife……….She should pray to God for direction…thanks

  2. She should not let go of d kids,if d man can not marry her cus she is ibo why would he wnt d children. Let go and marry his ishekiri woman.stupid and selfish man.dnt eva give up dear God will help u.

  3. If you can train the children go ahead and stay with them. If their parents says igbo woman cant live with an itshekiri man why demanding a mixed blood of igbo and itshekiri. Please they will use the children for rituals to appeal to their gods.

  4. The man is a disgrace to manhood, what makes him a man if he can not handle responsibilities. Well as for u lady if u have a good job pls train ur children, they’re boys and when they grow up they can decide wat to do wit their reckless useles father that neva worth it any way

  5. What kind of human being is the guy,he is heartless and wicked. She shouldn’t release the children,if the guy still persist then she should take the matter to court.

  6. Tell Your aunty she should never in her life allow the kids to leave her.that man is very study dats how some men do.Dey thinks dey can just take advantage of ladies and do wat dey like.if ur aunty had died during child birth(God forbide) d useless guy would have denied her.dat guy is realy lucky is not my family member I would have show him how to jugde case.pls my advise to ur aunty is dat wen God gave her does kids.he has also provided wat dey will feed with she should not in any situation give up d kid still she should also allow d kids to bear dere Father’s name because is dere pride.God will see her through.

  7. Don’t give up your boys to a worthless man,same thing happened to me now he wants to pay my bride price as d custom says n take my baby but I stood my ground n say no,God has been faitful for us

  8. Don’t allow ur son bicos he may be maltreat with other woman then you may not allow to set ur eyes on d boy again God will see u through

  9. I still don’t understand where we are going in this country. Everything is tribalised! If d guy can date and even impregnate an IBO lady I see no reason why he shouldn’t marry her!!
    Well, never let your aunty give off d kids. I believe d right guy will come in due course!!!
    Let d man & his tribalised family go 2 h*ll

  10. Hmm, he don’t deserve u and even the kids if that is the kind of xcuse he brings, tell him to hell with him. Man is not everytin, u have a gud job and two kids, i no is not easy but me to hell with all the men.

  11. To me men ar nt wrth dieny 4 gods time is d. Bst,d men dat come an go deos nt love u.pry 4ur love to come,another woman wil nt take care of ur kids wen u ar alife,dnt try to give him the kids,

  12. d guy is heartles,many guys ar like dat,if I were ur aunty,I will never allow him to take d babies until he agree to marry me,my advice to her is dat she should live everytin for god to judge and b prayerful.if de ar meant to b together,d guy will come back for her


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