How to Make Long-distance Marriage a Success

article-2013720010054336343000Once you get married, you rarely think about living away from your spouse. But, at times work and other circumstances may put some geographical distance between you and your beloved. Adjusting to a long-distance marriage is not an easy task for any couple. Especially for wives who have to take care of the house and the family, this can be quite challenging. So, for all those women out there, here are a few simple tips to make your marriage strong regardless of the distance.

1. Communicate with each other
It does not matter for how many hours you talk over the phone or have a video chat, but it is important to talk every day. Share your days’ work with your husband and ask him about his routine. Express your feelings, since this is your only way of sharing some intimacy with your better half. If you have kids, make sure he talks to them before they go to bed. This will help in strengthening their bond as well. If you are unable to call him then make sure that you leave him a small text message, so that you two stay in touch somehow.

2. Write a love letter
Yes, we know it seems old-fashioned, especially in the age where technology reaches faster. But, only when you try this out, you will understand the true magic of a beautifully written love letter. Think about all the things you are not able to say to him out loud, your love letter will express it all. These handwritten letters and notes will become your keepsake for life.

3. Send flowers and gifts
Well, if you are not that good with words, then occasionally send some gifts to your hubby. Think about his expressions when he sees a bunch flowers at his doorstep or when he receives a shirt that you have bought for his important meeting. He will not only appreciate your gestures, but will also reciprocate them with love. So, next time you go shopping for yourself, do buy a gift for him as well.

4. Use technology to create some romance
For a long-distance relationship, technology is definitely a God-given boon. So, use these real-time communication mediums to your advantage. Take time out to create a date setting while you are video chatting with your hubby. Or, play his favourite songs when you are talking to him on the phone. While you are talking, you can also plan all those things that you would do when you two come together. This will give you something to look forward to.

5. Surprise him with a visit
If you can make this happen then it will work wonders for your marriage. Just imagine his precious expressions when he sees you standing in front of him. He would jump at the opportunity of taking you in his arms. So, make a plan to visit him, once in a while. But, yes do make sure that he does not have any travelling plans during those days, as that will just dampen your surprise visit.

6. Cherish your time together
Whatever time you get together, make the most of it. You can also fix your plan beforehand. Make a list of all the things you want to do together. But, above everything else just sit down and talk your heart out! Never pick up old fights or arguments, because this will make your ‘little’ time together bitter and awkward. The best idea would be to have a romantic date on the last day of his visit. This will leave you both with some beautiful memories to think about when he goes back.

7. Don’t have too many expectations
Once you get married, you have lot of expectations from your husband. You dream of being with him (and around him) all the time. But sooner you face the reality, the easier it gets. Your man is out there to earn and provide support for his family. Living away from home is not easy for him as well. So, try to understand his situation. If he cannot pick your call then it is possible that he is busy at that moment. Or, just because he is not texting you, does not mean that he is ignoring you. So, give him and your marriage some breathing space.

8. Talk about your insecurities
In a long-distance marriage, it is quite natural to have certain fears about your relationship. If you have any insecurity or any doubt building up in your mind then talk about it with your partner. Pent-up feelings will only make the matters worse. So, keep an open channel of communication between you and your hubby.

A long-distance relationship survives on trust, love and communication. These tips are not just for the ladies, even their husbands can pick some of these suggestions, to add charm to their long-distance marriage!–health/relationships/how-to-make-long-distance-marriage-a-success/page/8



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