IBB Warns Jonathan over Anti-Democratic Actions, Impunity

ibb67Former military ruler, General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, has warned President Goodluck Jonathan of carrying out anti-democratic actions with impunity.

In a statement, circulating in the Nigerian media, IBB said that the situation under President Jonathan’s tenure was worrisome.

Read the abstract of the statement below [unedited]:

“The happenings in the country in recent times call for worry if we must be sincere with ourselves. Every day, the nation is treated with one form of political issue or [another]. From security challenges to economic challenges, Nigerians are asking several questions that deserve responses from government at the various levels. Democracy is when it is a people-driven government with its fundamental principles of freedom of expression, freedom of association, rule of law, accountability, probity and equal representation amongst others.

“I will like to advise President Goodluck Jonathan to tread cautiously so that those sycophants in, and out of government will not derail his focus, resilience and perseverance. He needs all the comportment, resilience, perseverance, introspection and determination to be able to take the right decisions for the good of the country. The arrest and release of Mallam Nasir El-Rufai is a deliberate distraction which the President must run away from.

“He must avoid gambling with decisions and he must be willing to seek a third opinion on issues before he takes his decision. President Goodluck Jonathan must understand that there is a whole body of people out there who are not happy with happenings in the country. It is his responsibility as President of the country to reach out to them and make his mission understandable to the common man on the street so that they can buy into his government.

“If his body of advisers do not understand the temperament in the country and decide to embark on arresting and releasing people on very questionable allegations, they will be making enemies for the President instead of friends. The prerogative is that of the President and no one else.

“President Jonathan should as a matter of responsibility listen to voices of the opposition and or dissent, as he stands to gain experience and knowledge from their well-informed criticisms rather than build hostilities around them. He has to ensure that he minimizes and maximizes his discretionary powers in a manner that will not be subject of abuse.

“President Goodluck Jonathan must sit back, collect himself and carry out a critical self-appraisal before he takes his decisions. He is aware, without mention, that the country is presently faced with several developmental challenges.

“Also, security agencies must avoid getting involved in political issues. Modern day security has evolved to a point where you do not require seeing gun-wielding policemen on the streets. The ability to collate information and analyze same in a proactive manner will help improve the security situation in the country. We must carry out moral healing as well as political healing in the land. The President must make it a point of duty to reach out to people, groups and individuals with the sole purpose of selling his Presidency. It is becoming instructive that the concept of winner-takes-all which has pervaded the system for so long may not flourish as such again.”


  • Am quite happy with the manner you have presented your concern and advise to the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as an elder states man. I assure you that Mr. President will take to your advise with same utmost respect you have just accorded him detailed in your letter. You are truly an elder statesman and a true maradona of all times.

  • A good and well timed advice from the former military leader. I hope and believe Mr president for who he is will surely listen and take this kind hearted advice to move the country forward and make his government one of the best. Cos just as the former military leader said, those singing his praise today and advicing him to crush his opponent will be the same one that will abuse him when he is out of power.all this pple that eating and singing around him are his greatest enemy. They are all selfish and greedy,only there for what they can get nt what they can do for the betterment of ordinary nigerian.Thanks Mr IBB for ur advice.

  • What Babangida said here is more of warning and counsel just like Obasanjo too have said. You may be of opinion that one is much better off than the others, but to me both have better knowledge of what they’re saying and that is president Jonathan is allowing himself to be derailed by his so called cabinets advisers. From what our former president is saying, obviously he’s indirectly warning president Jonathan to be a true leader of Nigeria and not groups of people whose interest is to use him to hold unto power but indirectly acknowledging him as the boss, meanwhile they’re actually the ruler! I just hope he would take this people foresight words and advised into action than to allow used people insulting them over what he knows are true.

  • Former President Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida and Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has given a good advice that our present president should not just wave off because a Yoruba adage says “Oro ti akuwarapa ba so ara orun loso” means whatsoever advice those our great elder statemen has given should be probaly take into consideration because “Enito mo ona loye kaje ko to.
    They has passed through the neddles eyes now they have spoken a piece of advice that we move Nigeria forward.

  • I think mr.president can see it obvisiously that those who he so call cabinet members around him are just there for their selfish interest not for the betterment of the people in the country.He should understand that our two formal president OLUSEGUN OBASANJO and IBB have spoken even indirect,trying to let you know the kind policy and decission you embarked-on is not meant for common men in the country.

    • The former military President’s advice is well thought out, timely non-partisan and patriotic and would help matters and enhance the standing and performance of the President, if taken in good spirit and seriously.

  • Good talk Maradona, bcs you have gone throuhg the place you know how the road was, so is left for Mr. GEJ to heed into your advise tnx Maradona

  • Splendid! good thought coming from the widely revered IBB.In my own personal opinion,IBB should be given a shot @AsoRock

  • Y hs all dis ex-head of state choosing d media to talk to or advice d President? IBB does not Hv Jonathan’s numbers again or he too hs written severaly & Jonathan did Nt respond to him warranting this open letter? Babangida is talking of freedom of speech 4 d opposition yet he wld not tell us how Dele Giwa died criticizing his bad programs. He knows how to govern & give advice yet he Cld not do dt during his rain, it ws during his tenure dt Naira ws devalued, frm wat it used to b @ N1/$1. He used his Structural Adjustment Programme (SAP) to sap away our Oilmoney, $2.8b oil wind fall, Babangida hs not told us wat happened to it, he is one of d richest General today after he left office as Head of State. it ws during his regime dt corruption ws instituted in Nigeria, it ws in his Government dt trading in cocaine ws institutionalized in our system. I pity d younger generation dt do not know how a system runs devoid of bribery & corruption, no thanks to IBB.

    Obasanjo, IBB & dre likes shld shelve dre advice up dre asses, Jonathan doesn’t need it, dey shld wait, wen Jonathan needs advice, he will contact dem. Fela Anikolakpo Kuti’s mother ws throwned down frm a story building & she died by unknown soldiers frm IBB, how many do I count? Den Babangida wld now b advising Jonathan to tolerate opposition & criticism, wat he Cldn’t do during his tenure.

    Y not advice El Tutsi & his cohorts to criticize constructively & stop making unguided utterances, Boko Haram is terrorising d North/East, killing over 3000 pple in d recent times, Babangida he not deemed it fit to advise & call dos bastards to order, but he will quickly lend his voice wit dt of his political stooges against Jonathan, jst to protect his investment in d Oil rich Niger-Delta. It’s now he knows dt he’s becoming politically irrelevant. U Hv seen Jonathan, u pple shld enter ur houses & leave our president alone, he hs his own style of leadership & it’s working 4 him.
    Obasanjo wld come tomorrow wit “Carrot & Stick”, d same he Cld not use in Odi & Zakibiam. May God forgive u pple 4 all d wrongs u Hv done against dis Country.

  • Do what you can, say what you can. But remember history will not forget you and if you go wrong posterity will not forgive you.

  • I dont wnt 2 talk about ibb’s regime and gej which is better in terms of corruption, religion or preess freedom. He mentioned opposition and i want 2 ask ibb; is opposition all about realing insults on the office of mr president? How many opposition have insulted ur office the way lai mohammed, ameachi, elrufai etc had done in the recent time? U better write an open letter to them or you keep ur advice.

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