I’ll Vote For Oshiomhole As President — Governor Fashola

The Lagos State Governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola, on Saturday, said he would vote for his Edo State counterpart, Adams Oshiomhole, if he decides to run for the Presidency.


Speaking in Benin City at a youth summit organised by the Edo State Government, with the theme, ‘Nigeria’s centenary: Defining the issues and setting agenda for the future of our youths,’ Fashola said, “If Governor Adams Oshiomhole decides to run as President of this country, he will have my vote. He is the kind of leader that Nigeria needs. I say that because, I have spent five memorable years of my life in Benin City as an undergraduate and as a youth corps member and they are very fond memories that I hold dear in my heart today.

“I am always looking forward to coming here each time I am invited. The excitement to come here is at an all time high. Since my brother assumed office as your governor,  Benin City has not remained the same. It has changed positively and continues to change.

“On my way here, I drove past my former office on Sapele Road and clearly the place has been transformed. And the Airport Road is now wider. I know what Ring Road used to be like and Akpakpava Road. It is nice to know that tourism is back, flights are regular and you have done it because you have allowed yourselves to be led by a man who can inspire you to act. And I don’t think anybody can claim the credit for what has happened here if not the people of Edo State.”

In his remarks, Governor Adams Oshiomhole appealed to the youths not to give up on the nation, stating that the future of the country was in their hands.

Oshiomhole argued that every nation had its history and that Nigeria has come to stay.

He said, “As a people, what we should think about is how we can get our people properly managed such that the wealth of this great country is expressed in the quality of life of the citizen. How do we address the paradox of a nation so rich and yet its people are getting poorer?

“How do we raise the issue of how the promise of democracy can be fully realised, if the Federal Government continues to pocket 52 per cent and asks the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory to share 26 per cent and the rest is shared by 774 local government areas.

“I do not think it is helpful for us to question whether Nigeria is a reality. So, I ask you as young people to recognise that every country has its share of problems and none of those problems can be resolved because the people have perfected the act of lamentation.”

Source: Punch Nigeria


  1. I will want you to post this to the world for me “My fellow Nigerians, this time around, i think high time we pray more for the kingdom of God to come and that the children of God should rule. see the people we believe they will rule us well to having peaceful nation and enough to eat are the one now falling us… pray fervently for this nation pray that the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ should reign all over the nation and every ruling kingdom of darkness should be demolish by fire of God for your sake and for the generation to come” God Bless U .Oladokun


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