Jonathan Is A Failure – Junaid Mohammed

Jonathan usay

Second Republic member of the House of Representatives, Dr. Junaid Mohammed, has in his usual critical stance on the current administration in the country declared President Goodluck Jonathan a failure.

He also said the President should jettison the idea of rigging the 2015 elections to favour himself, warning that there will be mayhem, if there was rigging.

In an interview with Vanguard on Tuesday, Junaid said President Jonathan had failed in every critical area of governance, such as security, law and order which could win him a second term, saying he would be disgraced at the polls should he dare contest the election.

“I am not and I have never been a member of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP. And I have never been a governor and I don’t think I will be a governor in this world. But what I am saying is this: in a democracy, there is what we call performance legitimacy.

“That is if you are elected into a position of authority or power, your legitimacy does not only rest on your winning the election, but also in performing on the job so that people will say you have done well and may be in the mood to give you another term.

“As far as I am concerned, Jonathan did not win the last election. Goodluck has not performed in any manner credible that will warrant his being re-elected or think of being considered for re-election.

“Now, whether there was an agreement or not, the fact of the matter is that he has failed in very critical areas of governance. He has failed in security. He has failed in law and order. He has failed in economy. He has failed in everything that matters to a government and to the people of a country.

“Now, for me, he should not consider running but if he is determined to run and rig the election the way he did in 2011 together with INEC and security services, then he is asking for mayhem in the country and I have said it several times, if he insists on running and rigging the election, there will be mayhem.

“Now, many media people have chosen to ignore the aspect where I said if he runs and rigs the election. Let me tell you, I have been in politics for over 40 years,

“If he can decide today that there is going to be free and fair election by INEC in conjunction with the Police, the DSS, then my reaction will be let Goodluck stand for election, we will go there vote and defeat and disgrace him. But the fact of the matter is that people are very wary about the way elections have been conducted in the history of this country.”


  1. People keep talking rubbish, if u have never been a governnor or ruled even part of a state let alone part of a whole country’s governnance. U dnt kn what it takes 2 be a leader yet u are criticizing 1. Blv me, if u as a person is made d president of 9aija u wl die even any crithcz lyk urs.

  2. it’s pathetic that the likes of Junaid Mohammed will come out to issue veiled threats.What does he mean that there will be mayhem if Jona wins?This man ought to be cooling off in Gashua by now.I do not belong to any political party and so hold no brief for Jona.Truth be told,Jona will win in 2015 going by the gathering of strange bedfellows in APC.

  3. I see you just trying to gain attention…trying to be relevant…trying to be a voice you’re not. A man that says something & later claims he was misquoted. I wont b surprised if u later claim u were misquoted…as usual. Mumu grade one!

  4. The man is right even if he is yet to attain the governorship position.Leadership is all abt service, if jonathan ve truly served well; citizens won’t be critizing him. Indeed he has failed woefully. Yar Adua in his own short service has done remarkably well than jonathan’s 3yrs.stop critizing leaders bcos of dere opinion