Kanye West To Pay $250k To Boy Who Insulted Him And Kim

Kanye West has settled with the 18 year old kid who allegedlly racially insulted him and kim a couple of days ago for 250 thousand dollars.

kanye_west_illuminatti_1TMZ reports that the young man who hurled racial epithets at Kim Kardashian has agreed to the civil settlement and won’t go forward with criminal prosecution.

The incident occurred after the man called Kim a “n****r lover” and yelled other obscenities at her. Kanye burst into the waiting room and reportedly punched the victim in his face.

During settlement negotiations, the man tried to demand payment in the upper six figures, but ended up accepting around $250,000.

The D.A. has not decided whether to charge Kanye with battery, but it’s unlikely since they now have an uncooperative victim. The alleged racial slurs will also not sit well with a jury



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