Lagos State Government seek to ban smoking in public places


The Lagos State House of Assembly yesterday January 20th passed a bill seeking to make smoking in public places illegal in the state, with first offenders having options of paying a fine of N10,000, three months in jail or both. The bill which is waiting the approval of Gov. Fashola to be signed into law prohibits residents from smoking in places such as libraries, museum, public toilets, schools, hospital, day-care centres, public transportation, restaurants among others.

Lagos residents who break this new law repeatedly would either be sent to prison for 6 months or pay a fine of N50,000, while owners of public places who encourage the breaking of this law would pay a fine of N100,000 or be sent to jail for six months.

The bill also seeks to punish anyone who smokes in front of a child with a fine of N15,000 or six months imprisonment. The bill also directs corporate organizations to place the ‘No Smoking’ sign in their premises. Companies who default would pay a fine of N250,000.

The Bill when passed into law would be supervised by the Lagos Environmental Protection Agency.