Loyal, Even After Death: Barca, Plans for 30,000 Fans to Be Buried Under Stadium.

Barcelona fans could be offered the chance to be buried under the club’s Nou Camp ground.

The Spanish giants plan to offer room for up to 30,000 urns under the stadium, whether they upgrade the Nou Camp or move away to a larger venue.

It won’t be cheap, according to the Guardian’s Gregg Bakowski, with prices starting at €3,000 (around £2,480 or $4,073) and rising as high as €6,000. More than that, it won’t be forever, because fans will be buying a space for 50 to 99 years.
Nou Camp. Nou Camp.
There will initially be space for 500 urns at Les Corts cemetery—but the longer-term plans are far more advanced.

The club’s director of facilities, Josep Ramon Vidal-Abarca tells The Guardian: “This is in response to the historical demand from members who want their remains laid to rest at the stadium.”

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