Maje Ayida: “I’m not after women in the limelight”


Maje Ayida who just split with his longtime girlfriend for over 10 years was in an interview with Thisday today.

In the interview, Maje Ayida, the CEO of Eden Lifestyle refused to directly talk about his split with Toke Makinwa but said that he’s not after women in the limelight.

Read excerpts below: –

If you were to go on an island for an exotic weekend, what are the 5 things you will take along?
Wifi, workout gear, a good book, a good woman and a good escape clause

You seem quiet but your publicized relationship via social media and blogs just hit the rocks after 12 years. How did you handle a relationship for that long and what happened?
I don’t think relationships are things you handle or manage. Relationships are part of your life. They are part of who you are and probably the most complex thing in the world.Continue…

Earlier this year, you did the first part of traditional introduction to your ex’s family. What exactly went wrong after that?

Wrong? I don’t think I got that memo, and if that memo got circulated, I can’t discuss it here. Everything about our lives here is a journey; a journey that I’m just glad to be on.
You guys have been on and off for 12 years. Do you see yourself going back to her considering all your tweets about your ex not focusing on your relationship rather attending events and making appearances as she claims in blogs?

Maje: I write a lot of stuff on social media. Some about me, some about life, maybe something I saw, maybe someone else’s experience, maybe my mood at the time. The idea is that someone somewhere may be feeling that same thing. Sort of like the comfort you get on knowing that you’re not alone when you hear a song that speaks what you feel. One thing I will say just as a general life tip, ‘don’t make permanent decisions based on temporary feelings.’ (not my words).

Who is your kind of woman or are you one of those who love to date women in the limelight?
Maje: I’m like the United Nations. I have love for everyone. I feel anyone that says they would only date a particular type of person is limiting themselves from the beauty that is the human soul. It can take a lifetime to truly know someone; we are continually evolving. Two people together grow together and transform one another, just as experiences in life transform the individual. In other words, no, I’m not after women in the limelight.

What is your biggest regret?
Maje: My biggest regret is not having the courage to start my company sooner, while my mother was alive. Maybe it was God’s plan for me to start when the time was right, He knows best, but everyday I wish she could see by progress and be proud. It hurts to my core that she left me when I was still searching for my purpose.


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