Man Called Pizza Driver To His House To Rob Him


Typically, criminals leave their home in order to commit crimes.

But one alleged robber preferred to have his victim come to him — and that was his downfall.

Michael Antonio Long, 20, was arrested Thursday for allegedly robbing a pizza delivery driver who came to deliver two pies, Newser reported.

Long ordered the pizza by phone and had it delivered to his home in a mobile home park in Tuscaloosa, Ala.

When the driver arrived, Long and several other men allegedly armed with handguns robbed the man of all the money he had on him, his wallet and the two pizzas he was carrying, reported.

The driver got a good look at the suspects and described them to police.

Investigators talked with people in the trailer park who mentioned that one man fitting the description of one of the robbers lived in the mobile home where the pizza was delivered.

That man was later identified as Long.

An officer who knocked on Long’s door found the stolen pizzas and the delivery bag, the Tuscaloosa Times reported.

The officers appreciated the convenience.

“We don’t typically see a suspect call a delivery driver to their actual address to commit a robbery,” Sgt. Brent Blankley told the paper.

Long was charged with first-degree robbery and remained in the Tuscaloosa County Jail on Friday with bail set at $60,000.


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