Murder Of 12-Yr-Old Girl: Police Grants Fireman Unconditional Bail

According to a SUNDAY PUNCH report, popular Lagos pastor, Dr. Sign Fireman has been granted unconditional bail by the State Criminal Investigation Department, SCID, Yaba, Lagos State on Saturday.

Sign-Fireman-and-friday-300x200Fireman, who was arrested on Tuesday for conspiracy and murder, was said to have been released at about 6pm yesterday on “orders from above”.

Fireman, real names Ofuche Ukoha, was arrested last Tuesday after an 18-year-old suspect, Friday Ikechukwu Egbo, fingered him in the murder of a 12-year old virgin girl, Bose Ogoja in the Badagry area of the state.

The suspect claimed to have been promised N100, 000 by Fireman to get him the faeces of a virgin for suspected ritual purposes. The popular pastor denied the allegation, saying he had never met the suspect before and described the ordeal as a calculated attempt to tarnish his image.

Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, Ngozi Braide, however, denied knowledge of the purported release of Fireman saying, “I am not aware of such release but I will get in touch with the officer in charge of homicide department to know the situation of things”.

An officer at the SCID, however, confirmed the release. He added that he did not know why Fireman was released; “I do not know why he was released. We just got a directive from above that he should be released on bail”.


  1. Why wouldn’t he be released. Does Fireman looks to any of u as a person of questionable character. His ordeal is a calculated plot by envious Inferior mischievous gruntled urchins who feels aggrieved over his spiritual rise. God will punish all of you that trailed that part to tarnish the image of the Pastor. We, in the United States of America sympathize with Dr.Fireman over the unfortunate embarrassment the bunch of “BONKOMS” may have caused him. God will continue to be with you Fireman. God will give everyone whose hands is involved in the conspiracy against you a comeasurate “HUNCHBACK” of their body size. It’s well Fireman.


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