My Boss’ Wife Is In Love With Me & Wants To Make Love With Me

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My bosses wife, is the head of Admin/ Personnel, and I report directly to her.

businessman with hand on chin

I was due for promotion since last year. Whenever I ask about it, she will always tell me that until I do what I am supposed to do. She kept buying  me gifts that made my wife to start suspecting I was having an affair with her.

She had not told me her intention until yesterday, when I got to the office, she sent for me. On getting there, she stretched her hands wide open for me. I immediately halted at the door. She now asked me to come and sit down which I did. She told me me that my promotion was due but its in my hands.

What am I supposed to do ma, I asked. To which she responded in anger, can’t u see that am in love with u?

She ordered me out of her office and told me to get back to her when I’m ready.

I left the office immediately. I don’t know what to do, I’m hiding it from my wife as the last gift she bought for me brought us a big quarrel. Should I tell the husband who is my overall boss, though he is in UK now?

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  1. Guy if u can get wat she ask u for,just try to send her to me,ok,im so interested in number it’s 081 6610 3090..anybody else can txt me

  2. Remember how Joseph act on the particular issue in the bible. Just pray for God’s intervntion. If U do the Press up wit her peopl wil set u up, If U report her the husband wil sack U nd if U ddnot meet her demand nd sombody else did she go sack U.
    So start praying and b lukin 4 anoda job

  3. “Quite d job and find anoda one”, una dey talk lyk say no b 9aija una dey, na so e easy 2 get job? I’ll advice u 2 pray, b diplomatic and polite wt ur boss’ wyf…wt tym she’ll get ova it nd ur promotion’ll com, pray, she won’t sack u…ur wyf is suposed 2 b ur bst friend y d f**k r u hiding it from her ? Dnt b suprised d d bst solutn myt cm frm her, b sincer nd discuss it wt her, she’ll undastnd ur plyt…ask her 2 pray wt u

  4. Just like they have adviced u. Dont tell her husband Ur (big Boss). Tell ur wife and u should pray for her eyes to be off ur side. It depends on the church u attend. U can report to ur pastor and both of u can pray against such temptation. And be looking for another Job too.

  5. Fake story,if u guys don’t have gist y forge,firstly what is d name of this Person who need d advice and y would d forger of this story writes that d madam spread her hand wide open 4 a hug and d nest tin he headed 4 d door so does it mean that d guy was alrdy having acorrupt thought of his boss wife or d woman face suddenly turns 2 lion that could cause him 2 head 4 d door. The story line is fake consult me 4 more solid story 08032449440


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