Help! My Husband’s Manhood Is So Small, What Can I Do?

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HELP!!!! My husband’s manhood is so small and I am not getting enough of it…. What can I do?

After getting married I thought my sex life will change. But my husband has a small manhood. We did not have sex when we were courting because he wanted us to do it the right way. Please I need advice because I was sexually active before we got married.

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  1. Dr Clement Momah al Endocrinologist for. hormone Investigations and Treatment to increase his manhood to adult size.

    Ask Him to see a Clinical Endocrinologist for. hormone Investigations and Treatment to increase his manhood to adult size.

  2. How on earth would a lady sleep with five to ten men a week an expect to get satisfy on sex during marriage. If you like let the man penis look like hammer,noting the happen. Madam keep quite an stop exposing ur husband seek doctor advice if necessary. Or should I advice u to park out of marriage just bc u ar searching for a man with big hash pole?

  3. u cant uffer in vainand for how long dear? throw caution to the wind, step out, you have to go elsewhere to gain ur satisfaction. u can sample a lot to get real satisifaction. u cud even try other races too. step into a sex toy shop…….simple.

  4. Endure and encourage him so that it will not get worse. The size is not really the problem. Does it stand at all, can he sustain erection? If yes, manage him with love and you will overcome it. It is not his fault, nature cheated him.

  5. Those that have big dick wish 4 small dick those that have small dick wish 4 big dick, just appreciate what u have if ur spouse dont like it that means she dosnt appreciate u 4 who u are

  6. U just have it to endure it..remember it is 4 beta 4 worst..marriage they say is like a package,you don’t kw wats inside it until u open is your cross now swerri

  7. Wat a world! You have a big one gals go complain,you have a small one,gals go still complain…you last over-longer,gals go complain,you come quick,dem go still dey complain…and dat’s why dey re insatiable.Gosh!

  8. If u have a geniune solution,..share it here or if it is money u want to make from it but its possible, still share it here, some men can pay any price to see it happen to them !

  9. Please friend my problem is money. Is there any guy man here?somebody should respond quickly before it get out of hand, my tex book are not complete and other school things abeg. I need solution from guys way sabi wosup..I need Any way to make real good money. 08066225126 answer your fellow guy abeg

  10. u are the cause . It means u av allowed bigger prick in u. So ur hole is too big for small one. Check urself . I feel for the man bc he will not enjoy u .

  11. mine is just too big and girls are runin away. what do I di to make it smaller. or any girl who will accept my large and long size should e-mail me plsssssss

  12. u were sexually active b4 u get married to ur husband n meawhile he has never slept wt u…..chaiiii, u r notin but slut, wat did u xpect wen u av bin sleepin around wt many guys,how wil ur real man satisfy u? Am sure if aboki/hausa man nack u, u w stil complain cos too much of it has turned u to insatiable person. Rubbish

  13. Pls tell dat man not to kill himself dat girl is a club girl she a slot but she can help him by enlargement it 4 him to her own size or contact me by mail 4 help

  14. I put it to you that you are indirectly advertising yourself to men that you need a big manhood that is why you said that you were sexually active b4 u got married to him i am sorry for your husband.God save him from your hand.

  15. May God show us mercy, what is this world turning into? Woman or lady? If you guys need some help, it should be a joint task by the couple ok. Don’t wash ur dirty linen outside.

  16. Please call 08095411555 for fast
    remedy and enjoy your marriage. Health Solution Centre is open Monday through Saturday, you can call between 8:00am to 5:00pm daily. WE CARE, GOD HEALS.

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  18. Look The Size Is Not The Problem If He Can Have ERECTION No Problem For All U Will Help Him Do Is Contract Your PC Muscle And Right Away You Well Cum To Orgasms. Women Can Take All Sizes SMALL Or Big. So Is Not A PROBLEM Ok. ENJOY Ur Husband &Encourage Him.

  19. My dear u jez hav to accept it d way it is,am sure ur hubby isn’t happy either,dts y its always adviseable fr lovers to test and see wat d lord can do*winks*to avoid cases like dis.

  20. u don’t deserve a man like him, I wud advice u to repent dat will help u, just seek Christ into ur life, d holy spirit will guide u on how to handle ur marital life beta still, visit a counselor 4 professional advice

  21. Ebenezer Fabiyi Obey said… what God has join 2gether, let no ‘DICK’ put assunder… Babe, carry your cross the way it comes, with time, you will stard enjoying it better.

  22. My dear, ur problem z doh physical but more psychological. Just take it easy, diaz a solution for evri problem. We handle such cases of male dysfunction and penial inlargement using Herbal Remedies @ ONE TOUCH HERBALS, Owerri. Just free ur mind! Phone us via: 08064082095. Our office z in Owerri, Imo state. Gudluck dear.

  23. U c dats da prob dats prob u said u we’re sex active at da young age,dats y God says sex b4 marriage is a sin,if he ws yor 1st u we’re nt gna hve probs n I dnt c y u hve 2 worry if you allow hm he cn stil satisfy u all u nid 2 do is 2 communicate wit your hubby

  24. Mine is too small pls friends I need help my number is 07032324669.or watsap me. Even BBM is dis 298bba5f. Pls d girl should manage his husband cos is hand work of God, he knws d best

  25. he can use jelqing excercise to enlarge it. it is a natural means of penis enlargement, it can help him gain about 1 to 2 inches in length and also an appreciable increase in girt. just google it online, u can also reach me thru 4 a guide in ma leisure time. pls ensure to follow the instructions for safety and better result, it realy works if u apply d rules, it worked for me. All d best.

  26. Mine is just too small.I’v tried all d excercises prescribed in many books,they don’t work.Wat do i still nid to do? Pls fellows help ur brother out.So much is at stake.

  27. The size of a man’s manhood is not really a challenge if there is mutual love and understanding which led to the marriage in the first place. Every woman is capable of handling any size of manhood big or small under whatever situation or condition, the woman fails to gain satisfaction if she has grown too loose or the walls of the vagina has collapsed due to over use or weak muscles which in this case, she can go for surgery to re-construct her vulva to standard size. Be careful about encourging a guy to go for manhood enlargement as things may go wrong and it also has its side effect which no one will tell you due to monetary reasons. Lastly, marriage is not based or built upon sex alone, but many vital things like companionship, children, financial security, prospects, reliability, Godly qualities, wisdom etc. Remember a man who can only cane you with a big dick and leave you in absolute poverty is not a real man – be wise girl

  28. You can’t blame your husband. He is not God. You have to accept what God gave to you only if you want to spoil ur life over nothing.

  29. fwendz…..i av an issue…… my lady can suck mefrom now till 2mao……i will not come but i neva last upto a minute inside her b4 i come…… wo advise do u av 4 a troubled fwend……. pls reply

  30. Well,I would advise you see a family welfare counsellor for more advice on that issue.I really understand how you feel but putting it up here will only attract unreasonable coments.thanks


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