NEVER Give Your Kids These Foods

Certain everyday foods which we tend to feed to our kids should actually be a ‘no! no!’. These foods may seem tasty and nutritious to you but actually do more harm than good to the tender ones.

Here is a list of such foods you really should take out of your kids’ lunchboxes.

Luncheon meats

Bologna, smoked ham, and even roast beef are a kids’ lunchbox staple. However, if your child eats a sliced meat sandwich every day, you may be packing them a very dangerous and toxic food. Take a good look at the label, does junior’s favorite lunch meat contain nitrates, a preservative used in food processing that drastically increases the risk of heart disease and cancer.


You may think juice is great for your kids, but think again. “Parents don’t realise juice is bad for their child,” Brown said. “They think it’s healthy. But not all juices actually even contain vitamins. The high sugar content can also be a problem for their teeth.” If your child really wants juice, limit the amount and make it a treat. And never put it in a sippy-cup, where the sugars can really coat their teeth.

Processed foods

It may seem simple and quick to buy a ready-made meal from the frozen section of the supermarket, but these kinds of foods are generally a bad idea for both your children and you. “Processed foods are in general less healthy,” Brown said. “They usually contain more salt or fat than food you prepare yourself, so make the effort to prepare food for your kids at home.”


Soda is a non-nutritional choice, generally packed with chemical ingredients. “We don’t ever buy any soda unless we’re having a party,” Brown said. “But I’m always amazed to see how much soda people buy. The choices you make influence what your children eat and drink. They’re watching you.”

Sports and vitamin drinks

Unless your child is a true athlete, he doesn’t need sports or vitamin drinks. You may think the drink is healthy, but it has a lot of empty calories they likely don’t need. “There’s very little place for sports and vitamin drinks for kids,” Brown said. “For your average child playing soccer, for example, they just need water.


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