Nigeria Will Disintegrate If Jonathan Loses 2015 Presidential Election – Ezeife

jonathan_2015A retired Federal Permanent Secretary and Third Republic governor of Anambra State, Dr. Chukwuemeka Ezeife, has warned that Nigeria may disintegrate if President Goodluck Jonathan fails to win the 2015 presidential election.

Ezeife, who spoke with Vanguard in Abuja, added that Jonathan’s second term ambition has become intertwined with the destiny of the country, saying the only way Nigeria could remain as one indivisible entity is for the president to continue in office beyond 2015.

He said, “At this juncture in Nigerian history, President Jonathan’s interest in a second term and Nigerians’ interest in the continued existence of the country have become coterminous”.

According to him, “If you say because you oppose President Jonathan’s bid for a second term in office, you are also opposed to a National Dialogue, you are saying no to one Nigeria.

“The truth of the matter is that opposing President Jonathan’s second term is like opposing the continued existence of Nigeria as one united country.

“What do you think would happen if as a result of the handiwork of the opposition, President Jonathan is disallowed from running for a second term in office? Can you control what would happen?

“Whether you are from the North, South or West, you can’t stop President Jonathan from going for a second term and winning.

“Everybody can make noise but if those who are making noise should think deeply, they would realize that the continued existence of Nigeria as one country is anchored on Jonathan’s continuation in office come 2015”.

On what would happen if the president fails to win reelection in 2015, Ezeife said, “We would be faced with the same problem. The Niger Delta boys would blow up all the oil pipelines and then a part of the country could say they are no longer interested in Nigeria; they could say Nigeria legally expired when the nation marked its centenary and that they are now on their own”.


  1. Nonsense!Arrant Nonsense!Ezeife should realize that this is a democracy and it is a game of numbers.
    In a is either people want you as their leader or they don’t.
    If Nigerians do not want Jonathan in 2015 and a section the country out of mere tribal sentiment decide to throw Nigeria into turmoil,then so be it.
    However i use to have a lot of respect for Ezeife as i am aware that he is a Harvard graduate.Unfortunately,people (including men of his caliber) can also wish this country so much evil for the sake of bread and butter.

  2. Sir I totally disagree with you.The fate of Jonathan has nothing to do with the survival of Nigeria.If Nigeria is to disintegrate,it will not be because of jonathan.Just know it was bound 2 happen either way.Jonathan administration is already leading the country towards collapse.

  3. Even though things are getting out of control, He must continue. Isn’t that nonsense? All nigerians voted for him through sentiment and now we all are crying except the deltans.if he losses, it’s not about united nigeria at fault but about his inefficiency.infact let him go. If he win, I promise nigerian, we will buy fuel at N2oo.

  4. U guys can call him names but he has spoken d voice of d gods… Is either Gej continues in d office beyoung 2015 or to ur tent oh isreal.

    • He who witnessed war or problem of such nature will never pray for any, it’s easy to witnessed the beginning of a trouble, but you can not predict on how it will end. Take a close look of what is happening between Sudan and Southern Sudan, because no country can be divided as easy as if you shared a cake on a plate where every body will take his share quietly. So my people, if we look ahead, we should look at the back and see the distance we covered. God bless 9ja.

  5. Pres Jonathan have said it that some people are talking as if Nigeria belongs to them if they see something that’s not favourable to them. but we should all learn from the past what happen during the BIafra war and a man like EZEIFE that suppose to stand as a NATIONALIST now calling for disintegration of 9ijah that’s if Pres Jonathan did not win 2015. Sir my own perception from the Hon EZEIFE comment was to withdraw the language of trouble by blowing the pipe lines and declare south-south state or declare Biafra, of course i don’t know where that declaration will come from and what name will that country be.

  6. When Nigerian elders can they stop,this simple political brine stome.Because of money,post or a backup,they called red,to become blue.NIGERIA AND NIGERIAN NO SKAKEN,NIGERIA IS NOT A MAN MAID COUNTRY.DEMOCRACY FOR THOSE WHO UNDERSTAND IT.

  7. Idiot of ur time,stupid of ur age for making dat statement.did you think diz country belongs to a rebels people lyk you, Just bcoz you have ur own share? To hell wit U and GEJ ezeifi you better go back to school infact (may God visit U wit madness ameen )

  8. Hhm, paapa, is it not a shame & disgrace for an elite of Ur own calibre to speak it out even if the trend of what has been happening shows that? Is it the voice of gods, America, that notwithstanding anyway,let it be.

  9. I belong to Apc but de truth must be told and it must be bitter if not it is not truth He who has ears let him hear GEJ carry waka


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