Perpetrators Of Ejigbo Sodomy Finally Arrested

The perpetrators of the Ejigbo sodomy incident involving three women being savagely tortured for stealing pepper have been arrested.


Their arrest reportedly took place yesterday at the palace of Oba Moruf Adisa Ojoola of Ejigbo.

This development was made possible through the pressure mounted on the Oba of Ejigbo to bring the evil men to book and make them pay for their crimes; several protests had been made regarding the matter.

The Oba repportedly got all the men in the community assemble at his palace around 11pm, which also led to the closure of the market as trading activities were put on hold until the perpetrators were identified.

One of the tortured ladies, identified as “Juliana”, died earlier this month due to the injuries she sustained on the day of her attack. Her father, a palm wine tapper, revealed that he also lost a toddler in the incidence as his wife, mother of the baby while being tortured by the gang was not allowed to attend to the baby.

In addition to torture, the gang also destroyed the palm wine tapper’s house and banished him from the community, after he was made to pay N50,000 as fine to secure the release of his wife and two daughters.

The arrested gang are to be tried for murder and extortion of Mr. Freeman, who was made to pay a fine for the release of his wife and daughter.

Mr. Freeman’s family is also expected to be rehabilitated.


  • Thank God at last they are caught! Let justice be done oh poor women ,, why are human beings so wicked? Nigeria athourities and common people on the street shud not withhold informations on any hoodlums parading in our society. Upto those criminals using nude photos and videos to punish their female counterparts shud face the law as well! All these form of evil acts are violation against womanhood and it shud not be tolerated atall. Women shud stand out and cry for justice at any form of injustice against them. Let these serve as a warning to all those young men out there both home and away ,, expecially Asia countries where Nigerian boys are molesting innocent women just to defraud them by posting naked materials taken of them through mutual understanding ,, and to get back at these innocent women those criminals in the name of boyfriends,, 419ers and scammer post these materials on the internet.,. And any fake blogger or junk journalist from Nigeria who supports these criminals by accepting to post such nonsense through their websites shud be persecuted as well. We are tired of reading junk news and seen nudity ,, there are more better news these socalled bloggers can bring to the public.

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