PHOTO: Meet Patience Jonathan’s Best Friend

Dame Patience Jonathan, the wife of Nigeria’s sitting president has a BFF that you may not know about.

Her best friend is none other than Hajia Bola Muinat Shagaya, the celebrated businesswoman and society lady.
The bond between these two friends was established when the late Stella Obasanjo was the First Lady of the country. Bola was very close to Stella Obasanjo  and was always invited to state functions by the wives of the governors. She was particularly drawn to Patience (whose husband was then the governor of Bayelsa State) because of her amiable nature.
When Jonathan became the Vice-President, Patience sought out Bola to show her the ropes in investing and since then they have become even closer. So close are these two women that the whisperings of shameless gossips could not tear them apart. Turai Yar’adua,  ex first lady reportedly tried so hard to tear them apart whilst simultaneously trying to ordain Bola as her best friend but Bola chose to stay with Patience.
It is alleged that Turai treated Patience with so much disdain and she and the Cabal within her husband’s government, saw to it that the office of the Vice-President had little or no funds at all. During this period, Bola was one of the few women who stood by Patience and her family, giving them a lot of moral support and because of this Patience always makes sure that she plays a prominent role whenever Bola hosts any event.
Notable among some of Bola’s parties that Patience had featured in are her 50th birthday ceremony in 2009, her first son, Sheriff’s wedding in 2010 and her second son, Hakeem’s wedding in 2013.
Bola Shagaya is one of most formidable businesswomen in Nigeria. Her tentacle spreads across oil and gas, photography, banking and real estate. She is the Managing Director of Practoil Nigeria Limited. Shagaya, who is one of the directors in Unity Bank, also looms large within the real estate sector. She owns a sprawling estate in Abuja and many commercial properties and real estates in Lagos.



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