Police Fed Suspect 96 Bananas To Recover Gold Chain


No matter how you peel it, the thought of eating 96 bananas is not too appealing. But that’s how many bananas an accused thief in India was fed to help him pass a gold chain through his bowels.

According to The Times of India, 28-year-old Damu Gupta was riding a train from Mumbai to Gondia on Dec. 22. During the lengthy trip, Gupta snatched a gold chain from a doctor who was also a passenger, according to police.

The victim, identified as Dr. Sheetal Kamble, of the Akola district, cried out for help, prompting several passengers to chase Gupta. The suspect was quickly cornered, but denied stealing the chain. However, one of the passengers claimed they had witnessed him swallowing something, prompting police to conduct a thorough search.

“We initially conducted a regular X-ray but it didn’t detect anything. So on [Dec. 25] we conducted an ultrasound which revealed the chain in Gupta’s abdomen,” Sampat Nirmal, a senior inspector with the Government Railway Police in Kalyan, told The Times of India.

Rather than wait for the 11-gram gold chain to naturally pass through Gupta’s system, authorities reportedly fed him 96 bananas to help it along on it’s travels. The following day, investigators recovered the chain from the suspect’s fiber-laden feces.

After the recovery of the chain, Gupta allegedly told police he swallowed the chain because he was afraid of getting beat up by the other passengers.

Authorities have not said how Gupta felt after consuming some eight dozen bananas in 24 hours.

According to Med-Health.net, eating too many bananas can be dangerous and sometimes fatal.

“They are typically considered a healthy food, but it is possible to eat too many,” the website states. “How much is too many depends on the individual’s needs for certain vitamins and minerals, but eating too many bananas can have unpleasant side effects.”

The side effects, according to the website, include, headaches, nerve damage and hyperkalemia, a condition that can cause an irregular heartbeat and cardiac arrest.

It’s probably safe to say Gupta didn’t “peel” too fabulous when he took a bite out of crime.