Queen Ure Mad After Soul E’s Hush-Hush Wedding

Queen Ure and soul E

It’s obvious that Nigerian singer — Queen Ure is angry over Soul E’s secret wedding.

Right after after his quiet marriage recently to his Abuja-based lover, singer Soul E came forward to boldly say that he was never married to Queen Ure who he lived with and definitely enjoyed the good life with a few years ago in the city of Lagos.

Queen Ure’s reaction to questions about his surprising statement shows that the female singer is obviously pained.

She was enraged when interviewed on the matter.

Below is what Queen Ure said:

“I am not going to answer any of such questions. Don’t even ask me anything concerning the marriage. I am doing my music and my charity work and nobody should ask me any question on that marriage. 

“I am not about to promote anybody. If you want to write about him, you can go ahead. Don’t tag me along. This is 2014. What is my own? What is that? I am not mad!

Why would anybody make him (Soul E) relevant on my head? I will not answer any question about it, you should go and ask him questions about himself and not me,”


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