Radio Personality Tosin Bucknor Vents Out Frustration Over Nigerian Law Against Gay Rights



While one famous OAP is jubilation over the government passsed bill against Gay rights, another is angry.
I earlier reported how famous OAP — Toolz was happy with the government’s bill against Gay rights, another popular Top Radio personality, Tosin Bucknor took to her Facebook page to voice out her anger over Nigerian Government signing into law of the Gay Bill that seeks to sentence any gay person to 14 years in prison by President Goodluck Jonathan.
Whose side are you taking???
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  • By their fruits you shall know them. The personality Tosyn have been hiding is exposed. She should be ashamed of herself. If her popularity came from gay kingdom, she should go back to them or shutup!

  • So this is what makes you popular, i am sorry you are disappointed you are a disgrace to Nigeria and ur entire family shame on you go and never trace ur way back farewell and safe journey .

  • As much as I dislike GEJ, I give him a thumb up for this bill, who care if buncknor or what she call herself think abt it. If what she wants is a fellow lady, whats she waiting for?? She should leave our country, I wonder where some people think from

  • This gals is vry stewpid. Is it d introduction of gay dt will solve d scandals looming a threat 2 ds nation? Ptweee! Shit kawe

  • Screw u all hypocrites,one out of u all saying trash about bucknor is gay dats in d closet so u beta apriciate her for doing wat u n millions of nigerians r scared of doing been open about your sexual orientation,I love tosin bucknor,

  • The creator made it male and female from the begining. When the almighty noticed dat Adam was having the feelings for a woman he gave him eve and when Adam saw eve he was happy he blessed the almighty and aswell blessed eve kissed her loved her cherished her so sex is to take place between opposite sex. So girls marry us we will love u cherish and protect and defend u always

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