Ruggedman’s Opinion on Nigerian Anti-gay law


rugged gay Ruggedman9
Ruggedman has criticized the government for not tending to more important things like electricity and infrastructure…He said instead they are concentrating on banning gay marriage which shouldn’t be a priority now..Agree with him?..
The Gay community will surely give him a thumbs-up for this …more tweets below



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  2. QqqqThis monkey is a gay.God will surely punish you.your gay community and other associates of yours.The anti-gay law has come to stay and no jupiter can alter it.The western world can have it,it is their cup of tea;but to we Africans,it is alien to our culture.Let’s be proud of our colour and stand firm on our decisions.God bless Africa!God bless Nigeria.

  3. The issue of homosexuality is more important than electricity & other infrastructures Ruggedman or whatever you call yourself.Kudos to Mr President & our legislators

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  5. I want to ask some people that are busy. Saying GEJ wnt face boko haran issue,so if some other thing comes,he wnt attend to it.U all dat is leaving what u are suppose to say trying to cover up pls take ur time.this is a lot of development let welcome it

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  7. By this comment of senseless Ruggedman or whatever he calls himself, it is very obvious that, that stupid boy is one of the Nigerian gays. To hell with gays in d world and their supporters.


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