SEE MTV Award Winner Who Impregnated His Own daughter 5 Times To Create Pure Blood Line


Aziza Kibibi was only eight-years-old when her father – an MTV award-winning music video director –  started raping her. By 10, Aswad Ayinde’s lessons teaching his daughter ‘how to be a woman’ turned violent and his regular raping produced five children out of incest in a perverse attempt to create a ‘pure’ bloodline.

Ayinde, who is also known as Charles McGill and won fame after directing The Fugees’ ‘Killing Me Softly’ video, was sentenced to 50 years in prison on July 26, finally ending Kibibi’s nightmare.

The incredibly brave woman, who is now 35, married and running a promising baking business, spoke out about the traumatic childhood this week for the first time.

It was when Kibibi started to mature that her father started giving her unwanted attention.

‘He told me I was special. Initially, it was to teach me to be a woman,’ she said. ‘By the time he started having intercourse with me, he was getting more and more violent. When I would start fighting him, he would hit me. It was more about threats.’

When Kibibi’s first child was born without defects, Ayinde took it as proof and continued to rape the girl to get her pregnant. 

But the following children would not be so lucky. Two further daughters born from her father would be diagnosed with phenylketonuria (PKU) a disease that prevents the body from breaking down amino acids. PKU can cause brain damage and seizures.

Dr. Anna Haroutunian, a PKU specialist who has treated Kibibi’s children, said they definitely got the disease because of inbreeding.

Kibibi and her sister decided to finally bring charges against their abusive father. They delayed pressing charges since they were unsure of the effect it would have on the children. 

She shared her story in hopes of making a difference with those in a similar situation.

‘Instead of just being an experience that I had, maybe this strengthened me. What doesn’t break us makes us stronger.’