Single Term Pact: If There’s Need To Get Another Battle Wound In A Civil War, I’m Ready, Says Nyako

Nyako Murtala, adamawa Gov.-The Adamawa State Governor, Murtala Nyako on Tuesday renewed his war of words with the presidency as he maintained that despite several denials, President Goodluck Jonathan signed a document agreeing to serve for a single term.

Nyako made this known in an interview with journalists in Yola, the Adamawa State capital.

Nyako, one of the five Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governors that recently defected to the All Progressives Congress, APC, noted that genuine leaders were men of honour, who would be sincere to their colleagues and the society in general, no matter the circumstance.

The governor said, “In the first place, when that agreement was brought for me to sign, I told them that this President (Jonathan), in the agreement signed in the year 2003, he was number 73.

“Did we not agree under (ex-President Olusegun) Obasanjo that the term 2007 and 2011 belong to the North?

“He was number 73 as deputy governor of Bayelsa State, so when they came, they said I should sign, they said he had agreed that he would not contest in the year 2015.

“In the first place, I said I did not believe him because he didn’t give his pledge for the agreement signed in the year 2003. They said ah, ah, Baba Maimangoro. (Literally means father or owner of mango plantation) I said ok, I will sign. So I signed”.

On who brought the agreement for him to sign, Nyako mentioned his northern colleagues, including the Niger State governor, Babangida Aliyu; and his Katsina State counterpart, Ibrahim Shema, among others.

The Niger State governor it would be recalled, last year alerted the nation to the existence of a one-term pact signed between some PDP governors and Jonathan but the presidency has persistently denied the allegation, challenging him to show evidence of the document. Till date, Gov. Aliyu has yet to take the presidency up on its challenge.

This claim was further reinforced by the Adamawa State governor, who noted that ex-President Olusegun Obasanjo pleaded with him to support Jonathan, who he said had agreed to serve for only one term.

“Obj (Obasanjo) will tell you, he came here and pleaded with me to support Jonathan in 2011. He came here and virtually took an oath to serve only one term”, Nyako said.

The former president in his 18-page letter to Jonathan dated December 2, 2013, also pleaded with him to respect his agreement that he was only going to serve as president for one term, saying as leaders, they should be able to be held accountable by their words.

Asked if Obasanjo came in company with Jonathan, Nyako replied “Absolutely! That he was going to serve for only one term”.

He said that when Jonathan went to Obasanjo to seek for his support for a second term come 2015, the former President reminded him of the commitment he made.

Nyako further said, “The Niger State governor has the agreement. We want to deal with people with honour, not people who want to drag us into civil war because of impunity, because of lawlessness, because of not fulfilling their pledges that will only take us to civil war.

“Leaders must be honest with their colleagues and the greater society. I have my craw craw (battle scars) from the first civil war and if there is need to develop another craw craw in another civil war I will stand by”, Nyako insisted.


  1. I decree this day that the sword of the Lord will never leave the household of all those building tension and making this kind of statements in Nigeria. The Lord shall return to your houses with his heavy wrath,he shall slay them like the gentiles until his people shall hear about them no more. This year shall their end come. This is not opinion,it is what must happen!

  2. That Agreement u had is not a product of d Nigerian constitution dre 4 it is not binding on anybody, besides one of d most important part of human beings is being dynamic, & subject to change.

    So if he decided to change his mind & do a 2nd term, den his faith shld b decided by Nigerians & not sum selfish cabal dt think dey own Nigeria & so wld decide Hu rules nigeria among dem selves. It’s either dre children or dre grandchildren r d once dey project. D same set of names since 1960s till now, dey r fighting bcos Jonathan is not part of dre cabal & he does not bear one of dos surnames in d cabal, bcos he is frm a minority tribe & not one of dos Hu Hv abrogated to demselves d ruling class in dis Country.

    Dis Fulani Goat is fanning d ambers of war bcos he hs seen free Oilmoney 4 him to b stealing & milking d southerners dry of dre resources, u think war today is wat Nigeria & Biafra did b4, now na ur body go tell u, dt’s if u’ll b alive to tell d story.

  3. now that you have left GEJ, I tink you should do less of this talk but action to prove dat you and your so called people dat are fond of signing pact Deciding the fate of clueless Nigerians should prove your worth, GEJ should honour only Nigeria constitution


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