STELLA ODUAH: St. Paul’s College Sheds Light On Minister’s REAL Education Level

Authorities of St. Paul’s College in Lawrenceville, Virginia, in the United States today confirmed to Sahara Reporters that Mrs. Stella Oduah did obtain a first degree in Business Administration at the institution in 1982, with concentration in Accounting.


St Paul’s registrar, Ms. Helen Jackson, reiterated however, that the school has never had a postgraduate program.

Ms. Oduah would have been 16 years old at the time of admission. Asked to make that confirmation, Mr. Jackson said she could not offer personal information about the student.

Sahara Reporters began a series of exposes on the minister’s educational background on Monday night. By Tuesday she had removed any mention of St. Paul’s College, the institutions where she initially claimed in citations, on Wikipedia and several personal websites that she earned a Masters Degree.

By yesterday, Sahara Reporters obtained her CV but it curiously made no mention of the widely, previously-claimed MBA. However, she claimed to have obtained an “honorary Ph.D” from Christian Pacific University in Glendale, California. That claim has also now been found to be false.

The Minister’s claim to an MBA in 1983 also conflicts with the year in which she supposedly served in the National Youth Service Corps.

Meanwhile, earlier today the ministry of Aviation disabled Ms. Oduah profile page which claimed she had “Bachelors and Masters Degree (in Accounting and Business Administration respectively) in the United States” only to restore the page apparently caught pants down with the false claims on her resume still intact.

Source: Sahara Reporters


  1. It would be better she be reprimanded than sacked as the minister of aviation. If she’s sacked,there’s no guarantee whoever will replace her will continue the good work she’s being doing with the nation’s airports.

  2. Nigeria has a very useless National Assembly members.Judging by past occurence(Toronto Saga),why can’t they verify her credentials during screning exercise for this post?All they are after is how to taste from her beauty.Bundle of senseless and lawless people at National Law Making Assembly.

  3. Rubbish, bcos she is from the eastern part of Nigeria and also a woman, if it were to be someone from the north or west,the case will be closed by now. she will finish her tenors, Jonas won’t sack her. I wish all politician educational background can be checked, u will notice she is better than governors, ministers and the rest.

  4. So she went out on monday night to smuggle out her master’s certificate from the document she sent to the House of Reps, senate, federal character commision, ministry of aviation? Desperate opposition that want power by all means. History has never recorded possible instance of grabbing power via cheap blackmail. My sympathy goes to a region of this country that extravagantly export waste their citizen & tax payers money to other regions in the name of sponsoring & fathering a progressive party.

  5. Now Nigerian’s can believe OBJ’S letter.If Nigerian’s were Isrealite there wouldn’t av believe in Moses dat God ask to go back and lead the children of Isreal out of Egypt.Handwriting is on the wall Nigerian’s can we see.

  6. Na waoooooooo….I don’t know when corruption is coming to an end in this our great nation……Stella you again! Only you two cars worth of 500m……you are too beautiful and elegant for this scandal you are into …..again,certificate forgery,why can’t your white be white you full of lies and deceit…….you refused to employ graduate that are up to task you only pack all your family members in aviation ministry and your tribe…that’s not good enough Mrs aviation……I don’t expect Mr President to fold his arms looking this woman……abi….you have been deceived and carried with this woman beauty…..I beg of you Mr President immediate action should be taken against this woman…

  7. These fault finders, why don’t you guys just go ahead and dig out the past of all political appointees. Am sure you will be surprised at what you will discover. Or are you paid to concentrate on a particular geopolitical zone?