STYLISH KING: Meet the Billionaire Oba Who Possesses $1M Wristwatch

The Olugbo of Ugboland in Ondo, billionaire and the Chairman of Obat Oil, Oba Obateru Akinruntan, has recently spoken of his love for the good things of life. He also narrated how he loves to be the first in acquiring such things.

The ruler has also referred to himself as a ‘stylish king’. Check out the abstracts of the interview with City People below:


“First and foremost I am very creative and secondly, I emulate the style of our forefathers, wearing royal beads as an old style.

“You know these days, if you want to become a popular and flamboyant king, you have to use diamonds. Diamond chains, diamond wrist watches, diamond shoes, diamond ring and my muffler is also made of diamond or gold.

“And that will make you unique among other Obas and that doesn’t make you proud.

I like to be the first in everything. I have the largest oil tank in West Arica today. Again my chain of cars, I use the same type of automobile with the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth, we use the same Rolls Royce and Bentley. Asides that, I have 7 door limousine Mercedes, I want to be the first in everything.”

The Oba has also revealed some facts about his wristwatch collection:

“I also have a wrist watch that cost $1 million.

“Aside that I am a car freak and what I wear with the way I dress, my shoe, my royal diamond cap, wrist watches, diamond ring, and my diamond Mofila is the new thing I have added to it now.

“I do my shopping in London Jeweller, a special store for top ranking personalities of the world. I wear expensive wrist watches, shoes and chains all made of diamond”.


  1. Wat Shal it profit a man dat gain d whole world n losses his soul, to me i wil just advice him to invest his money on incorruptible tinz & on tinz which no thieves can steal, i.e tins of heaven 4get abt d wordly tins

  2. My dear Oba,
    Am writing this from the deepest part of heart with tears in my eyes. I am aware that you worked hard to be where you are today. This is evident in your riches. God made that possible. Not you or any human. There are people in your town where you rule as the oba that do not have access to portable water, that dropped out of school, that the roof in their house is leaking, that do not have jobs. The oba you are today is only but by the special grace of the Almighty. Please can you look at the plight of these people, the poor ones. Can you take a visit to any hospital in your town and see what people are passing through. I strongly believe you have a good heart but the only problem here is that you don’t have time. But please In the name of the almighty help out. people will value you the more. You will even get richer!. yes by helping others you are getting favour from God directly or indirectly. Please kindly act on these.
    from one of your admirers, Francis.
    wrote from the UK.

  3. D bible says thou shall not judge. If u were to be in his position you’ll do more than that. Saying someone is bad dosen’t make u a good person.

  4. Hello oba,good day to you sir and to the entire family,everything you said is fine,I no that you work for it to be successful,if you are going to read this comment please I need ur help by helping me my oba,finally please work hard for kingdom of heaven.

  5. i am not surprised since he is not a legitimate king of the ilajes but an usurper whoo is using his wealth and the influence of the state governor to sit on a throne his great grand dad neva even dreamt off. a king who cant enter into the town he is ruling over, is dat a king? a king who could not collect the staff of office in the town he is ruling over but had to do so in the state capital, is dat a king? what has he done to the comunity he is ruling ova, nothing expect to run convoys around like a president and buy wristwatches. nemesis will soon catch up with you and the blood of all those old women you burnt in there houses when you were trying to create fear in ugbo kingdom for the to acept u forcefully will soon ask u questions. rubbish

  6. am so dissapointed that oba can boast of all the things he wears and acquire while his subjects are living in abject poverty. its only in Nigeria u will ever hear such a stupid things. why were u made a king over people, is it not to rule well or to go there and acquire riches like Michael Jackson. if truly nu are trying to follow your ancestors is that how the acquire riches at the expenses if their subjects welfare. an PBA dresses as ve he is on fashion show. On I of Life is the overall of oba kingdom yet he doesn’t boast of his riches or do u think he did not acquire one. Erediauwa of Edo has money but never boast like u do. awujale of ijebuland has too, if I may say u need to sit down and read your speech before you speack and pls sack your PRO bcus he is not doing his job. ur job is to take care of your subjects not living big at their expenses.

  7. The Oba is kind and generous to those who have encounter him along the way of life. I have no privilege of meeting him but My wife does, as a bedside nurse at an hospital in Ibadan. An old woman was admitted and My wife did her job very well not knowing the patient was the Oba ‘s mother in the late nineties when you had to question at the filling station for weeks. She w as handsomely rewarded with a pass to get petroleum at any Obat filling station, though we couldn’t use it because we had no automobile. I am a living testimony to the Oba’s largesse and kindness.
    Kabiyesi, Ade a pe l’ori, bata ape l’ese, igba odunodun kan in JJesus name. Amen.

  8. It is very shameful that a traditional ruler could be this daft boasting of such fabulous wealth, earthly possesions of such values when MOST of his subjects; especially the youths wallowing in abject poverty, some are even committing suicide.

  9. How will the ordinary citizens of his domain feel reading this. How did he make the money in the first place? That’s why he’s spending on vain things cos easy comes easy goes.


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