Suspect Allegedly Wanted To Smoke A Joint Before Being Arrested


Before being taken to the joint, this suspect insisted on smoking a joint, police say.

David Scott Shultz, 32, was arrested Tuesday after deputies from the Polk County Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant at a home in Poinciana, Fla., which was allegedly being used as a marijuana grow house.

However, the arrest took a little while.

When detectives explained to Shultz why they were there, he allegedly refused to open the door, reports.

Then after officers smelled pot emanating from inside the house, they say Shultz explained he wanted to smoke a joint before letting them in.

Police say they found 190 marijuana plants being grown in three rooms of the house, reports.

Sheriffs charged Shultz with maintaining a dwelling for drug manufacturing, cultivation of cannabis and other charges. In addition, he also had a warrant for his arrest out of Osceola County on probation violation, reports.

The arrest was significant enough for Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd to send out this public statement, which seems to be directed to the accused:

“David, we have a message for you, and anyone else who grows marijuana in Polk County –- you can run, but you can’t hide. Our citizens are committed to helping us get drugs off the street. They send us tips on a weekly basis about illegal drug activity, and we follow up on those tips. Thank you, Polk County citizens, for partnering with us to keep our county safe.”