Tambuwal: Okonjo-Iweala Failed The 50 Questions

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Aminu Tambuwal, said the Minister of Finance and Co-ordinating Minister of the Economy, Dr. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, failed the 50 questions given to her by the House of Representatives.


Tambuwal said this at the 11th Daily Trust dialogue in Abuja on January 15.

He was represented by the Deputy Spokesperson of the House, Victor Ogene.

According to to the Speaker, Okonjo-Iweala provided and excessive amount of information but did not cover the most important points the Reps asked her to clarify:

“In writing a 100 page letter, she had probably written two pages as answers to one question. But as a House we are still expecting answers to those questions which form the fulcrum for the preparation of the 2014 budget,” Tambuwal said.

He also said that it is only in Africa that “a minister can talk of being harassed by a parliament.”

To recall, on December 20, when members of the Committee on Finance walked Okonjo-Iweala out from the meeting, she told the them : “When you invite ministers, you should treat them with respect. We can’t be invited and be abused.”

“It is the duty of the parliament to hold the executives accountable to the governed and we will continue to do that”, the Speaker said.

He added that the Committer will start working on the Minister’s response right away and may get back to her should any further clarification be required.

It will be reminded, that the lawmakers asked Okonko-Iweala to submit the answers by January 2.However, she said she needed more time to answer the questions as some of them are “very weighty”. She handed in her written response this week.

Source: Vanguard


  1. few nigerians knows people like TAMBUWAL and some few others in the house of REP and Senate during the time of obasanjo Admin,who born you well to talk,but becos of the previlage given to them by GEJ Admin to enjoy freedom which they now abused,u can hear them open their corrupt lousy mouth to talk rubbish nowadys,not even common respect for the number one citizen,mr president. becos of the freedom they get frm GEJ Admin,and yet they complain of bad democracy,NIGERIANS shud beware of this bad leaders becos of their evil agenda best know to them

  2. Mr Hon.sir,it is unfortunate that you’ve not read through the answers by the minister,and yet you are sure that she got it all wrong.This is dishonorable and ungodly.A leader need to rise above prejudice,chauvinistic blindfold and sentiments in handling matters of this magnitude and importance.You are the BOSS,who (is) are the ACTOR(s).I know you know.

  3. Haba, Mr. Speaker how can the Minister of Finance, failed the 50 question? What is the marking scheme? I think the public will like to know so they too assess her response to the questions. I think that the time has come when most of our should stop playing politics with every issues that does not suit them, in the interest of the nation. God bless Nigeria.

  4. Would the Hon show the Nigerians their marking guide for others to see how Hon minister has failed .One should play politics with decorun .For whoever represented d speaker to open his unguided mouth to gush out that the Minister has failed all d questions should give us solutions to them. One continue to wonder if these ppl are representing our interest.How many bills have they passed for d benifit of good governance? Let them publicly declear their monthly money pd to them when many are dying of poverty. U will all acc for this one day.