Those Fighting Jonathan Are Fighting God – Clark

Jonathan arriving Switzerland for World Economic Forum

Jonathan arriving Switzerland for World Economic Forum

Former Minister of Information in the First Republic, Chief Edwin Kiagbodo Clark, has said that President Goddluck Jonathan’s administration is divinely-ordained, warning that those opposed to his government are fighting God.

“Any person fighting Jonathan is fighting God. Whatever God said you will be that is what you will be and whoever wants to remove him (Jonathan), God will fight him. Under the grace of God, Jonathan became the acting president and later president. What is yours, nobody can take it from you,” Clark said.

“Some people said that they must rule and if Jonathan runs, there will be bloodshed. Majority of the northerners believe in Jonathan and want him to continue. Whoever wants to split this country will fail.

Clark said this yesterday when the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) chapter of South-south community leaders, chiefs and elders honoured him as their grand patron.

The elder statesman insisted that the constitution permits Jonathan to run for a second term, adding that as a lawyer who had practised for 50 years, he always laughs when educated people say Jonathan cannot run and that he has been sworn-in twice.

He explained that former President Olusegun Obasanjo imposed former President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua on Nigeria.

He said when it was sold to Jonathan that he should be Vice President, his first reaction was he will not take the position.


  1. How dare clark on is speech.we are less-concerned of you been given your support to there any nigerians knows much more than God?how will tomorrow looks alike,please answer me?no one fighting jonathan,its a matter of a country.

  2. E.K Clarke, i’m soo pleased to tell you that you are no longer relevant in the scheme of things, and actually you might not even live to see 2015 because you are part of the devils, the problems wrong with Nigeria. Inshort sir, i want to prophesy to you that you will not live to witness the 2015 general elections and i’d also want to state that with the outcome of the election next year, you’d be rolling over in your grave knowing that God took your life when he did because the torture and shame you’d have gone through when your fellow bed-mate G.E.J looses.

  3. @eddie have u not seen where a fresh tree fall before the dry one? The truth has been told, the earlier u accept it the better for ur health

  4. @eddie I lik dat prophesy to clark. Is jonathan a god? And who tld u d northern really want him back there? U beta stop fooling urself and get somtin doin. We want a leader that ll lead us right nt a slow action person

  5. Mr Man, is GEJ God. Why are you saying that anybody that is fighting Jonnathan is fighting God. Is that a reasonable analogy. We all knew that it is God that put him there, notwithstanding he cannot be equated to God. Man should mind what he says.


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