Top 10 Best Places for a Quickie

09bOh stop blushing! Let’s talk about this for a second. We’re grown. We’re in love and we’ve got the passion, so let’s use it! Over the years, my loving husband and I continue to surprise each other with our spontaneity and love for “fun” whenever the spirit moves us. We’ve also done a little research and have come up with the top 10 best places for a quickie.

1. In the closet.

Sometimes, especially when you have kids roaming around, this is the perfect spot. It’s dark. It’s unsuspecting and the clothes buffer the sound! (So, I’ve heard!)

2. Mental compatibility
If a woman’s thoughts and views are not in sync with yours, then let’s face it, it is not going to work in the long run. No matter how beautiful she is, she will turn you off in this case. Someone who is compatible with you, will know your preferences and choices. You both can take decisions, make choices and plan for the future without major clashes of ideas. Also, having fun becomes easier with someone compatible. In fact, every moment becomes fun.

3. Dressing/Fitting room.
While this can be tricky. Just the thought of being in a busy spot and being passionate with your honey sounds AHH-MAZING!!!

4. Outside.
Of course when the weather is nice (or not if you wanna have a love fest in the rain). Just take a walk outside and find a sweet little hiding spot.

5. A parent’s house.
What’s more fun than this adrenaline rush?! If you’ve got the nerve, you’ve earned the badge. Go for it!

6. At a concert.
No one is paying attention to anything but the music, the artist and feeling good! Find a spot somewhere and let the live music get you in the mood.

7. In the car.
Who said this was just for hormonal teenagers? Bring back nostalgia and have a little fun in the backseat. Just try not to catch a cramp!

8. On a balcony.
Picture 8 of 10
This isn’t just for movies. This is for YOU! Imagine…perfect weather, great view and just you and your boo! Whew!

9. In a bathroom.
Doesn’t matter who’s where…Just enjoy the mirror.

Kids asleep? You BOTH have the energy?! Enough said. (Have fun!) Do you have any places to add to the list?


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