Viewers Discretion: Maheeda Goes ‘Miley Cyrus’ In New Music Video

02 09

Controversial night walker turned singer was one of the most talked about Nigerian ladies of last year, the mother and wife seems to continue with this tradition as she dropped her highly controversial music video.

There is no doubt that this video will get a ban from NBC, but I’m sure Maheeda doesn’t care.

The new music video was shot yesterday at Ikeja and the song is titled —  ‘Naija Bad Girl’.

Maheeda shared the photos on her Instagram page.

See more photos below: –



  1. This is piure abomination,FGN need to wrk on dis type of people useless musicians bcos not encouraging at all.

  2. That is what Western civilization cause, Nigerians musicians wants to be like Americans musicians. That is why l cannot blame the Arabs at times for condemning western civilization. .What we need to do is to ignore them, don’t buy or listen to their music, make them unpopular but if we keep talking about them, we are rating them high and before we know it, Hollywood will rate them high. Discourage your children from listening them.

  3. Pure rubbish!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!? Are u surprised?! Don’t worry ,bcus America is seriously supporting dem.
    Only God’s Kingdom hav d final say when d War dat will end all badness(Armaggedon>>Revelation 16:14-16) will destroy all evil-doers.

  4. Afta Armaggedon, God’s Kingdom will b ushered in-by den, all eye-sours(things,pictures,or scenes dat hurt d eyes) will all be past, gone 4eva. Thanks!!!

  5. May God have mercy on her and not only her bt on all her accomplis,she may have been a gospel singer but she had never been a gospel carrier afterall it was never mirrored in her life as a child of God,somebody pls help me tell her that hell is still as real as it was when she was singing gospel and the escape root is repentance.

  6. She is totally possesd by d under world spirits.She is nomore in herself. May d holy spirit arrest her wherever she is in Jesus name amen..Wow…its a can sum1 enjoys by doing evil tings jst like this Anuofia? tufiakwa…anyam ahukwala ekwem!

  7. What’s wrong with that ,she is even over dressed .I saw a picture of my native people welcoming oyibo in my village and the women didn’t dress better I mean about 150 years ago.

  8. When U say the word of God is old and need to be changed.
    When U say we are civilized we need to dress as they do.
    When U say a woman look odd when she dress modest.
    when U say Muslim are terrorist coz them no went to buy civilization from the civilized people.” U have to receive and pay the price of what ur hand has done”.repent and follow the ways of the Allmighty God.

  9. what she’s selling will soon expired and useless to her herself. lets give her few years more she’ll be cdompletely outdated by the nature.

  10. Hahahaha I laugh at U dis girl who tinks shes makin som wave & introducin satan into our African entertainment.Watch my dear & see if u wil live or even last as long as u tot.U r callin d spirit called ‘death’ova ur life.beta return bak to Jesus Christ Of Nazareth 4 His hands r wide open now u av d tym.*Choose*

  11. She simply is the daughter of the devil carrying out the old all time mission of the father which is to steal, kill and destroy. Nobody should be deceived by civilization or modernization as they may claim. It is simply the devil at work and of course he is bent to take as many as are willing with him.nThe girl herself is a willing tool not any different from ritual killers, witches and wizards or those with familiar spirit. My warning don’t get hooked on her antics. A body that is open to everyone’s scrutiny is not not different from the public laterine (sewer)

  12. Maheeda, ur cursed and u need the hand of God. Repent before u end up dead n gone like others.hell is waiting for you. Jesus is calling you to return to him,only He can save u. Don’t condemn urslf to this rotten life. Jesus loves you


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