We Didn’t Mean To Hurt Jim Iyke – Helen Paul

Several month after actor, Jim Iyke, was allegedly ‘delivered’ at the Synagogue Church of All Nations, Lagos, the ripple has yet to die down, especially after comedian AY turned it to a skit.


Iyke reacted negatively to the scene, which also featured Helen Paul, saying, “People cross the lines sometimes for relevance. It disappoints if it comes from people you deemed to have self respect. Classless.”

However, Helen, commenting on the situation, said the skit was just a joke and not necessarily meant to hurt Jim Iyke even as the video has gone viral.

“It is just a joke. I am an actress and a senior colleague called me for a job. I was given the script and I acted my part. We did not mean to hurt Jim Iyke. In the skit, I was portrayed as a prostitute but that is not what Helen Paul is about,” she said.

According to her words, the alleged ‘deliverance’ was something that was highly discussed in the society and that was probably why he was mentioned in the skit.

The actress stressed the fact that the skit was purely for humour purpose and not malicious in any way.

Meanwhile AY refused to comment on the issue as he and Iyke are friends.

It has been provided by Saturday Beats that when the video went viral and the news broke early in the week, AY contemplated on a response but later said that he and the actor were friends and would settle their differences like friends do.

The said video had thousands of views on YouTube and Jim Iyke’s comment came a few weeks after the comedian’s channel was ranked as the number one most watched channel in Africa.

Source: Punch Nigeria


  1. You donot,for lack of ideas,and perhaps cheap popularity,go after respected cultural national ambassadors in the mould of Iyke,say or do anything to hurt disrespectful,especially from those who should know better.Sad indeed.

  2. Make Jim Iyke shut up mouth joor.he has done exactly same thing to others in hundreds of his movies I have seen. He even called my state governor (delta state) a ‘big head’in one of those movies. If I hear fem from his mouth again ehn.

  3. My people why is Jim Iyke taking a joke, a comedy personal. If Obj or Atiku and others begin to take jokes n comedy personal then people like i go dye should ve been in big trouble. Jim abeg take it as notin but joke and comedy full stop

  4. Does jim iyke watch Saturday Night Live (SNL)? Does he see the way musicians, actors and other performers are roasted. Even the US president is not spared in their skits. Why not take a leaf from that and be able to laugh at these things once in a while instead of making a mountain from a mole hill all the time.

  5. It all happened in the presence of G♡̷̬̩̃̊D̶̲̥̅̊.A divine visitation should not be joked at. AY took it too far,Jim should calm down.


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