WEIRD: Meet Man Addicted To Eating Plastic Bags, He Has Consumed 60,000 Bags (PHOTOS)

23-year-old man who has a strange addiction to eating plastic bags says ‘They are delicious’.


Robert, 23, from Oakland, Tennessee is so addicted to eating this plastic bags that he goes to the extent of stealing them form grocery stores to satisfy his cravings.

He has been eating plastic bags since he was seven years old. Since his addiction began he has consumed a staggering 60,000 bags.

Robert who prefers the blue plastic bags that newspapers are delivered in starts off his day by eating a bag for breakfast .

Sometimes he even drives around the neighbourhood looking for newspaper bags that have been left outside to satisfy his cravings.
His fiancee Ashley, however is concerned over his addiction – and wants him to stop before their wedding in six months time.

The final straw for Ashley comes when the couple go to taste wedding cake – and Robert refuses to eat any because he’s so full from eating plastic.


Robert and his fiancee Ashley


Robert and his fiancee Ashley


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