What Gov. Fashola Thinks of APC’s Blockage Directive

The Governor of Lagos State, Babatunde Fashola, said the directive by his party, the All Progressives Congress (APC), to its members at the National Assembly to stop the 2014 budget and confirmation of service chiefs and ministers was in recognition of the need for the executive, the legislature and the judiciary to check one another, and not to threaten democracy.

Governor Fashola stated this on January 27, 2014, Monday, during hand over of the ‘January 27 Link Bridge’ between Ejigbo and Ajao Estate at Isolo Local Government Area of the state.

“Let me say without any shadow of doubt that the three arms of government in the theory of separation of power propounded many years ago by great philosophers recognised the need for the executive, the legislature and the judiciary to act a check one another.

“In the process of that check, institutionally and traditionally, the legislature has found, as a legitimate weapon, the withdrawal of cooperation from the executive in order to bring the belligerent executive back on the negotiation table. As they said themselves, no person can claim the ownership of Nigeria. Where appeal and letters failed, a legitimate tool is the use of the power of cooperation or the withdrawal of cooperation,” he said.

Defending APC’s directive, he said:

“We have the Petroleum Industry Bill in the National Assembly. This is the third year the bill has been there. By a party in the majority, have you asked yourselves why? So, that was an example of the withdrawal of cooperation.

“The same party in the majority returned the 2013 budget. We know the budget finally came back to the National Assembly. That was another example of the withdrawal of cooperation. The same party in the majority said it would not approve budget for the Securities and Exchange Commission, a constitutionally created and empowered body because they were disagreeable with its leadership. I did not hear very loud voices at that time from the PDP,” the Governor noted.

He also added that perhaps, the PDP was no longer able to stomach the medicine it had dished to people over the years.

“I have news for them – there is a stone for every Goliath. And this is one stone that we have found,” Governor Fashola said.


  • Mr fashola with all due respect knows nothing about the Bible he is quoting Goliath was an uncircumcised philistine who was harassing n ton ting Gods people n God used David an anointed king to give his people victory n to sanctify his name .As a senior lawyer he should nt have been part of a party that revolt against constituted authority at every given opportunity He should listen to himself what good would d yorubas gain for the non passage of the PIB somebody should tell him dt the people of the Niger Delta r nt behind Amechi

  • Johnson tank u very much. All d constituents of dis APC are so disgustin & wuld stop @nothin to drag dis present govt to d dust, even quotin bible.., shame on dem…,

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