What Happened Between Prophet Ajanaku & I –Tope Alabi Finally Speaks Out


Gospel Singer, Tope Alabi in an interview with Punch talks about her husband and her alleged affair with the late Prophet Ajanaku.

The name Tope Alabi has been so synonymous with gospel music even when some of your contemporaries have veered off to another genre or even stopped music entirely, what has been the staying power all this while?

I see God in whatever I do. Even if God doesn’t answer you now, it doesn’t mean you should stop working for Him. If He has called you, that means you are so important to Him.  I am working for Him and I am just privileged to work for Him. I don’t want anything to distract me from working for Him. It is not as if I am doing gospel for the money, I sing because I want people to hear the good news.

Your husband has been supportive; he is even your manager

He is no longer my manager. I have a new manager. He is the marketer now. He is my boyfriend and the father of my children. He is the small boy in the house that must eat first even if no other person has eaten.

But most men don’t want their wives to be in the spotlight, how come he supports you like this?

I just thank God for his life. You can imagine, when we go for programmes, I would be given a seat in the front row while my husband would be given a seat at the back. Imagine! I would always tell him to come and sit in front so I can go to the back but he would never agree. He would ask me if he was Tope Alabi. God has been guiding us. How would I have managed without a husband like this?

Where did you meet him?

I met him in the studio. He was a studio rat. He worked anywhere in the studio. He never went out of the studio. He was such a tiny man when we met. But see him now, I have packaged him. He has also packaged me as well. I am more beautiful now. We met 19 years ago. We got married five years after.

A story that generated some kind of controversy is the issue you had with the late Pastor Ajanaku, did you ever make up before he died?

On that issue, I would rather say no comment. When God is working in your life, anything can happen along the line. The Israelites faced turbulence and eventually got out of it. We need people who are spirit-filled to just fold their arms and watch what God will do.

Some people say you are happy he is no more…

God doesn’t like anybody who rejoices over a friend or enemy’s death. I cannot be an enemy of what God created. I can only be an enemy of God’s enemy. If you don’t like God, certainly, I will not like you. But I still say no comment on that issue.

Does it mean you will not tell us what really caused the problem between you two?

No comment. I just want people to say what they want to say. You are free. Your heart is not in my heart. People can speculate. People can feel whatever they want to feel.

But we learnt he anointed another singer as his spiritual child and it got you so upset…

I wasn’t there. I don’t know. So if I wasn’t there, how would I now ‘put mouth’ in something I don’t know about? I can’t say what I don’t know.

But did you feel bad that they said he had replaced you, even if you weren’t there, you must have heard it?

I cannot feel bad. I didn’t feel bad. I can bring somebody today and I decide to bring that person up. Anybody is free to do whatever he/she feels like doing.

It was learnt you also stopped attending his church…

Actually, I was never a member of his church but people don’t know this. I am just a woman who loves to help ministries. I go to the church and I give money, not small money. I can work for six months and I take my tithe to him just to bless his ministry. I do that in other ministries. I can minister in churches without collecting money. I know what I have passed through. I know where I am coming from. I want to bless God and thank Him.

The first day I ministered in his church, he gave me money but I didn’t collect it. I never collected money from him in my life, but I have donated millions to his church and so many other churches. I have so many people living in my house that I don’t even know their parents; and I just help them. I pay their fees. My husband helps the widows, we donate to orphanages. We just want to help.

Source: Punch Nigeria


  1. Tope Alabi, you have erred. You are not a member of hia (ajanaku) church yet you went and pay your tithe there. This is scripturally wrong. Thank God He has save you from…..Go on your knees and beg for forgiveness and thank Him from letting you to ….