What PDP Must Do To Regain Nigerians, Members’ Confidence – Gov. Lamido

gov_sule-lamidoJigawa State governor, Alhaji Sule Lamido has issued a timely warning to his party, the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, to take urgent steps to calm frayed nerves within its fold or be ready to face further depletion of its rank.

Lamido, who recently visited the new National chairman of the PDP, Adamu Muazu, and reiterated his decision to remain with the ruling party, however, pointed out that the PDP was not in the best of shape ahead of 2015 and should therefore take necessary steps to put its house in order so as to win the support and goodwill of its members nationwide.

The Jigawa State governor, who was one of those opposed to the continued stay in office of Bamanga Tukur as the National Chairman of the party, stated that his resignation last week will not do much to assuage the feelings of aggrieved members, as the action was belated.

The governor said, “Unfortunately, Tukur embarked on destroying the various organs of the party. For instance, for a whole year, he never held a NEC meeting. People are aware of this and the fact that he took several profound decisions all by himself.

“So the party was being run as Tukur’s personal estate, as he systematically estranged other stakeholders. So there was impunity on the part of Tukur. He was creating divisions and a serious sense of disunity among the party members.

“And we began to wonder if the ruling party in Nigeria becomes reckless and irresponsible by way of doing things then Nigeria is in trouble. So the damage has been done already and easing Tukur out under pressure is a little bit late.

“Just look at the consequences of the action: how can the party lose five of its own governors to the opposition in one swoop?

“The consequences and the collateral damage arising from the action of the former chairman have negatively affected our party and country’s image largely because the issue goes beyond PDP.

“What has happened is an embarrassment to the entire country because our democracy is being destroyed. People stood under very difficult conditions to vote for the president and his party and at the end of the day you are destroying the party and the hope of the electorate by despotic actions.

“How can the Nigerian people trust you again?” the governor asked, adding “the danger is that if we don’t do things right in PDP, we will never be respected within and outside the shores of Nigeria”.

But in order to correct the mistakes of the past and restore the confidence of aggrieved members, Lamido suggested the setting up of what he called Truth and Reconciliation Committee to bring back such members and enhance the fortunes of the party in the forthcoming polls.

The governor also said that the party must admit that it was wrong in some of its actions and should not hesitate to apologize to those it offended in order to move forward, assuring that he had no presidential ambition as being widely rumoured.

According to him, those who dropped his name as a likely presidential aspirant were simply doing so to blackmail him and score cheap political points.


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