Why Renowned Afro Pop Star Insults Jonathan, Calls Him an ‘Idiot’

A Ghanaian Afro Pop star, Wanlov the Kubolor, has blasted President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan in his recent post on Facebook, in which he described the President of Nigeria as an “idiot”.

wanlov_the_kubolorThe musician who is famous for his eccentric style of dressing, and abnormal way of life added a picture to his post, suggesting President Jonathan makes Nigerians suffer, while he is living a beautiful life.

Wanlov the Kubolor also seems not to be okay with the President Jonathan’s decision to sign the controversial Same-Sex Marriage Prohibition Bill.
wanlov_the_kubolor2 wanlove_gej_insult


  • Kubolor abi na wetin b ur name, u r à madman i can see it, dirty thing like u insult my président, u no dey fear? I dey warn u be carefull oo

  • No matter what happens, this idiot has no right to insult the Nigerian President. As long as Jonathan is still sitting there, he is the number one citizen and a stupid fool like this musician shpuld not be allowed to run his mouth the way he did. It is an insult to us all.

  • No be im fault…so tey ghanians don chop belle full well well na im dey give am courage to misyarn abi? Carry ya madness dey go jo. Stupid pikin!

  • but is the president not an idiot of the highest order? is there no freedom of speech where you come from? there is only one world leader who cannot be dissed. thats the queen of england. all hail the queen!

  • I think this is nobody to be reckoned with, by every standard this man can only pass for a lunatic, so exhibiting his lunatic right is quite understandable.

  • Thank God we are”suffering & smiling” E easy to smile? wat about una? Suffering & crying… Imagine Ghanians talking.

  • Ghanians..u guys shud not let me start venting on u, i can b nasty went it koms 2 insulting my president… Who gav u d guts? U pig

  • its not his fault, why will he not insult our president when we nigerians don’t regard our president and keep insulting him everyday in the name of opposition party and all that. a yoruba proverb says he who sells his family member cheaply cannot expect to buy him back expensively.

    • God bless you my brother for saying the truth becaues we Nigerian cus all this we dont respeact our president we kept insulting him everyday hw will nt pple outside d countrynt insult too wen we citizen live by the example.

  • I personally feel Goodluck is doing d right thing .I only wishes he stands by it in d face of so much pressure and mr man I’d advice u concentrate on improving ur dressing instead of chooking ur mouth in oda countries mattas

  • Where dis cow com out from, choii.. Dis people don really see naija finish sha, sotey this one wey go soon die dey insult GEJ. Na wah oh!! Mr whatever ur name be, shey na we be Nigerians and na we get our oil and our presido Jona? Why u dey swallow panadol ontop our matter? God purnish dat ur mouth.

  • Whatever that ghanian mad-dog may insinuate.
    We Nigerians SAID NO to homosexual!
    Is better for that fool to stay over his country than to come over here, cos many guys over here are ready to chop ur gay manhood off frm ur gay body.

  • There’s no point joining issues with these stupid Ghanians, even if our leaders loot out treasury for the next 100 years we’d still have more than enough to take care of Nija and Ghana together. We suffering and smiling? Good!! I don’t think you black as hell asses can go through what we go through and remain alive. Even ur president is poorer than the Nigerian civil servant. We are this, that, corrupt nd shii but we are not your mates in whatever way!! So STFU and work hard to be a great nation like us. Naija nd proud!!

  • Una really get time to answer this ghananian homo imbecile, wetin dey pain am be say no more show for am again in blessed naija .na only who no get respect for im papa na him go abuse another person papa, if e pain u too much you can go and sleep with chimpanzees bcos na the family when you belong to be that and if you doubt consult nebuchadnezer

  • This ghanaian called kubolor is a fool and a disgrace to ghana as a country.i demand he ought to apologise to nigerians or else i will personally put him where he belongs before the year 2014 runs off.

  • Mere looking @ u, I can c dat d worst insane person in Nigeria is better dan u. Y re u taking tablet on our behalf or y re u crying more than d bereaved. If we say NO 2 homosexuality, it is our concern. U go and educate/decide 4 ur president. If u’re looking 4 popularity, this is not the best channel. Zombie

  • Leave am.. Dat bittch!! Be forming afro pop sh*t! Come naija if no b wheel barrow u go dey push 4 alaba ma bend… And where is filthy organism dat said ”nigerians are dying in silence” ur papa left kidney, i can kill any ghanian who thinks d best way 2gain recongnition is by insultin my president… U dark assholes!!! Na only una teeth we dey see 4nyt, no face… Choi, ghanians, una fada!!

  • Lool at ghana dirty pig talkin, if u want to be notice, u don’t do it by insulting my president u brat, or else I wil sent u to de grave were u belong. Dead animal lik u

  • Obey. GODs. Command All. Gays. Leasbins, ghana wody bukolo and others becareful.Anybody. that supports. Same sex marriage is. Part. Of. Them chikena

  • It’s not the fault of kubolor or whatever he calls his name, are we not the one that opened their eyes? I can’t count the number of years they spent shining & mending my shoes before Rawlings got to power and they started going back to their country. Even @ that some are still enjoying those crumbs that’re still falling from our tables till date. They’re nothing but Parasites to Us.

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