Wike Planning To Procure Court Judment To Frustrate 2014 Budget – Rivers Govt

Amaechi vs WikeThe Rivers State Government has accused the Supervising Minister of Education, Chief Nyesom Wike of planning to procure a court judgment to halt the implementation of the state’s 2014 Appropriation Bill which was on Tuesday passed by the State House of Assembly.

The State Commissioner for Information and Communications, Mrs. Ibim Semenitari, explained that Wike, an indigene of the state, was planning to carry out the act in connivance with his some of his acolytes.

Semenitari, who made this known while speaking with newsmen in Port Harcourt on Thursday, said the aim of the minister and his friends in Abuja was to financially emasculate the state.

“We have information that has reached us that Mr Nyesom Wike, in connivance with some of his acolytes, is attempting to purchase a judgment against the Appropriation Bill passed by the Rivers State House of Assembly”, the commissioner said.

She added that: “We are also aware that the intension with his Abuja friends is to do this and strangulate Rivers state, to ensure that we do not receive funds, this is regardless to the fact that we have salaries to be paid in this state, regardless of the fact that there are development projects.

“They intend to procure this judgment through the back door and serve the Ministry of Finance and make sure that the funds that should accrue to Rivers state do not get to Rivers state every month”.

But the President General of the Grassroots Development Initiative, GDI, a group funded by the minister, Mr. Bright Amaewhule, said it was wrong for the state government to blame Mr. Wike each time it (Rivers Government) erred in law.

Amaewhule noted that contrary to the belief in government circles, the Rivers State 2014 Budget had not been passed into law.




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  2. Dnt knw why people doesn’t think abt 2moro whenever they are doing something. They only think of 2day & even 4get abt yesterday. Friends, let us always think twice b4 doing certain things. We must weight b/w d advantages & d disadvantages. Cos wht we sow 2day, we will definitely reap 2moro. My warning is that Wike, be wise. Use ur head well. I see big disgrace for u 2moro. Let him that have ears, hears d word of wisdom

    • My dear Bro. Instead, Amaechi should be more careful because he wants to chew more than he can bite. If you have been following politics especially Rivers State,you will understand that Amaechi plans ahead of whatever action he takes. He is so evil and arrogant towards elders. Mark my words,Amaechi will live to regret most of the action he is taking by crying louder when he is the one hitting you. Chidi loyd did not just killed the police officer in question and his political opponent respectively,it was political and a collective agreement between the Oga and his boy. Amaechi is no longer playing genuine politics ,but selfish and evil politics. He should learn from Babangida Aliu whom amongst the G-7 Governors,he is most qualified in plying politics. He is not fully back to PDP, yet he spear headed the G-7 Governors even at that,he never for ones raised direct insult on the President of the Federal Republic Of Nigeria. Amaechi should not be encouraged to continue this political rascal for selfish interest.

  3. I tink wike shld be careful more cos he’s really causing trouble both at d ministry n his state.luk at all wat he said during asuu strike hes jst being used and am sure dey ll dump him lik a shit soon.he shld face d problem goin on at d ministry nt causing trouble.


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